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Mobile Telecommunications Network Infrastructure

Filtronic products have been used in the Mobile Telecommunications Network Infrastructure Market for over 30 years.

Operating in a rapidly expanding market characterised by the increasing complexity of frequencies, huge increases in network traffic, Filtronic currently designs and manufactures a range of technically innovative network access and backhaul products to leading OEMs and Mobile Network Operators (“MNOs”). 

In an increasingly connected world where data is consumed in vast quantities, MNOs are adding capacity to provide consumers with high-speed, high-capacity services that enable them to enjoy premium quality data services, such as streaming video, wherever they are. MNOs are adding capacity to existing 4G networks by licensing more spectrum, densifying existing cells, and by adopting new technologies that will also be essential to the development of 5G networks. 

Filtronic provides key technologies that are at the heart of densification and the development of higher capacity 4G and 5G networks. Filtronic products include multi-band and ultra-high capacity mmWave transceivers that are used to wirelessly connect base stations together. 

5G represents a major opportunity with its mixture of sub-6GHz and mmWave frequencies as Filtronic has significant know-how over the proposed frequency ranges and the channels to market to capitalise on the opportunity.

5G XHaul

Filtronic is a key supplier of E-band transceiver modules for next-generation 5G XHaul applications.

RF Conditioning Equipment

Filtronic has a long history in the design, manufacture, and supply of leading edge coverage enhancement products for the wireless industry.

Small Cell Filters

Small cells are an increasingly important element in the mobile networks of today, enabling the densification of the network in areas of high demand.