Ceramic filters


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Ceramic filters
Ceramic filter
Ceramic in band combiner | Filtronic PLC

Filtronic have a rich history in ceramic filter design and manufacture. Filter capability includes TE, TEM, TM, Quasi-T, ceramic combline etc. dependent upon the required filter performance and size.

Ceramic filters are characterised by very low loss performance and extremely high compactness. They are suitable for both commercial and military applications.

Ceramic filters key facts

  • Ability to design and manufacture
  • Higher Q, lower insertion loss
  • Better spectral efficiency
  • Narrow guardband

Ceramic filters features

  • Frequency range up to 10GHz
  • Customised solutions available
  • Good insertion loss relative to size
  • Low cost, small size

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    Product description

    Filtronic has extensive knowledge and expertise in the design, development and production of microwave filters including ceramic that dates to 1977.

    Ceramic filter capability includes TE, TEM, TM, Quasi-TM, ceramic combline – dependent upon the required filter performance and size.

    Metallisation of ceramic parts allow different modes of operation to be achieved, e.g. TEM and TM.

    Our team of highly experienced engineers work with customers to ascertain optimum technologies dependent upon specific filter requirements, e.g. size, response, power handling, insertion loss and rejection.

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