Suspended substrate filters

500MHz to 26GHz

Repeatable performance, with low loss and high temperature stability

Suspended substrate filters
Suspended substrate

Suspended Substrate Stripline (SSS) is traditionally a printed circuit technology that can be used for both broadband and narrowband filters.

Suspended substrate stripline (SSS) filters use printed circuit technology in which the substrate is suspended in the air (air being used as the dielectric instead of a solid material). The technology exhibits very repeatable performance and devices can be made with very tight amplitude and phase tracking. Suspended substrate filter technology is capable of achieving extremely wide passbands and the unique combination of ultra-wide passband and stopband range with sharp selectivity makes suspended substrate an excellent option for wideband systems with high interference risk from adjacent bands. Temperature stability is also a major benefit of suspended substrate filters.


Suspended substrate filters key facts

  • Suitable for high pass, low pass and band pass filters
  • High pass and low pass can be cascaded together to form multi octave band pass filters and multiplexers
  • Utilising printed circuit technology

Suspended substrate filters features

  • Repeatable performance across narrowband and broadband applications
  • High level of temperature stability
  • Suitable for a range of applications including defence

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    Product description

    Filtronic’s filter experts design suspended substrate stripline filters for both broadband and narrowband filters; typical frequency range 500MHz to 26GHz.

    The wide range of realisable impedance values makes this medium particularly suitable for high pass and low pass filters that can be cascaded together to form broadband band pass filters and multiplexers.

    Generalised Chebychev filter prototype designs result in highly selective band edges with low passband loss and high stop-band attenuation.

    As suspended substrate is a printed technology it exhibits very repeatable performance, and devices can be made with very tight amplitude and phase tracking. For some higher power applications, rather than use a substrate, solid metal bars are suspended in air forming low PIM filter structures.

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