Who is the Company’s Share Registrar and what are their details?

Link Group
Central Square
29 Wellington Street

Email: shareholderenquiries@linkgroup.co.uk

Tel: +44 (0)371 664 0300 (Lines are open 9.00am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays in England and Wales).  Calls are charged at the standard geographic rate and will vary by provider, calls outside the United Kingdom will be charged at the applicable international rate.

Web: www.linkgroup.eu

How do I get on to the shareholder portal?

You can register online to view your holdings and change your personal information using the Signal Shares shareholder portal, a service offered by Link Group at www.signalshares.com. This is an online service enabling you to quickly and easily access and maintain your shareholding online – reducing the need for paperwork and providing 24 hour access for your convenience. You will first need to register for the portal using your Investor Code (IVC) which can be found on your share certificate or by contacting Link Group.

Through the shareholder portal you can:

  • Amend your personal information;
  • Cast your proxy vote online;

How do I buy/sell Filtronic plc shares?

Investors normally buy or sell shares through a stockbroker, bank, building society or a share dealing service. If you hold the share certificate it is also possible to sell through the aforementioned services.

Please note: the Company do not offer a service to buy or sell shares in Filtronic plc. However, Link Group offer a share dealing service to UK registered shareholders, details can be found at www.linkgroup.eu.

I have changed my address; how do I notify you?

Log on to Signal Shares shareholder portal at the Link Group using www.signalshares.com to change your address or alternatively you can change your address using Link Group’s change of address form. The completed form should be sent to Link Group.

Link Group contact details can be found here.

How do I transfer shares to another member of my family or any other person?

To transfer your shares to another person please download the stock transfer form. The completed form should be sent to Link Group together with your share certificate. Please note that Link Group can only process the transfer once the stamp duty has been paid or a valid exemption has been declared on the form. Link Group contact details can be found here.

I have lost my share certificate(s); how do I obtain a replacement?

You should notify Link Group, either in writing or by telephone, that you have mislaid your certificate(s) so that a restriction can be placed on the holding in case of any attempted fraud. You will then be sent a letter of indemnity, which must be completed and returned to Link Group so that a replacement certificate can be issued. There is a charge for this service. Link Group contact details can be found here.

Can you confirm the number of Filtronic plc shares I hold?

You can view your share balance and history at Link Group at the following address www.signalshares.com. You will first need to register for the portal using your Investor Code (IVC) which can be found on your share, alternatively you can contact Link Group.

Link Group contact details can be found here.

Can I receive shareholder and Company communications electronically?

To register to receive the Company’s shareholder publications electronically rather than by mail, you will need to update your communications preference via the portal at www.signalshares.comTo register for the portal you will require your shareholder Investor Code (IVC) which can be found on your share certificate.

Link Group contact details can be found here.

There is also a company newsletter that is distributed for anybody interested in keeping up to date with business updates at https://filtronic.com/contact/newsletter-sign-up/.

Investors can also sign up for email alerts when the Company makes market announcements to the London Stock Exchange at https://filtronic.com/investors/email-alerts/.

I am receiving multiple copies of shareholder mailings. How can I stop this?

This is probably because Link Group is holding two (or more) accounts for you on the share register arising from inconsistencies in your name and address details. You should notify them in writing confirming that the different registration details relate to one and the same person, quoting both account details, and they will amalgamate the holdings.

Link Group contact details can be found here.

I have two or more share certificates. Can these be consolidated into one?

Yes, if your certificated holding is represented by two or more share certificates you may wish to have these replaced by one consolidated certificate. However, there is a small charge for this service. You should send your certificates with a letter of instruction to Link Group.

Link Group contact details can be found here.

What happens if a Filtronic shareholder has died?

Please advise Link Group as soon as possible and they will explain what has to be done. The following link explains everything this Bereavement services (linkassetservices.com). Alternatively, you can get in touch directly with Link Group and an advisor will advise you what needs to be done.

Link Group contact details can be found here.

I only have a small holding. Can I gift them to charity?

If you have a small number of shares whose market value makes it uneconomical to sell you may wish to consider donating them to ShareGift. Any shares donated to ShareGift will be aggregated and sold when possible with the proceeds donated to a wide range of UK charities. The relevant share transfer form may be obtained from Link Group.

Further information about the scheme is available at www.ShareGift.org

Link Group contact details can be found here.

Shareholder fraud: protection of your investment

To reduce the risk of becoming a victim of fraud:

  • Ensure all share certificates are stored in a safe place, or hold your shares electronically in CREST via a nominee;
  • Keep all correspondence from the Registrars which shows a shareholder investor code in a safe place, or destroy correspondence by shredding;
  • When changing address, inform the Registrars;
  • If a letter from the Registrars is received regarding a change of address and there has been no recent move, contact the Registrars immediately. The shareholder concerned may be a victim of identity theft; and
  • When buying or selling shares, shareholders should seek to only deal with brokers registered in their own country of residence or the UK.
  • View your holding balance and get an indicative valuation;
  • View movements on your holding;
  • Elect to receive shareholder communications electronically; and
  • Access a wide range of shareholder information including the ability to download shareholder forms