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RF Products, Components & Subsystems

1MHz – 3GHz

Filtronic designs and manufactures RF components and subsystems for mission critical communication networks. Clients rely on our RF product expertise to help solve their challenging requirements. Our high-performance solutions assist clients in accelerating market entry, reducing whole-life and development costs, minimising cost of quality and providing them with competitive advantage.

Filtronic is a key supplier of advanced RF products applied within the telecommunications infrastructure and critical communications markets. We have a range of technologies and services used in wireless communication equipment, point-to-point communication systems and aerospace and defence sectors.


Custom combiners
Ceramic filters
Interference mitigation filters
In band combiners
Cross band combiners
Tower top amplifiers

RF Design

Collaborating and solving RF product design challenges is what we love to do. We work with long-term partners in aerospace and defencetelecommunications infrastructure and critical communications.  

Our engineering team includes a wide range of specialities including: RF; MMIC design; filter and combiners; electronic & PCB layouts; mechanical design; process engineering and software & firmware experts.

Expertise includes integrated RF, electronics and software design with access to an exclusive range of in-house designed GaAs MMICs and GaN FETs.

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Our facilities

  • NETPark, Sedgefield, UK
  • 13,000 square feet total size
  • 2,000 square feet ISO 8 clean rooms
  • 2,000 square feet engineering laboratories
  • 5,000 square feet of ESD safe work area for sensitive designs
  • Salisbury, USA
  • 16,000 square feet total size
  • 20,000 square feet under temperature control
  • 5,000 square feet of ESD safe work area for sensitive designs

Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT)

Filtronic manufactures the most intricate RF components with extreme precision, using highly automated microelectronic assembly process. Our manufacturing teams thrive on challenging projects where the solutions we produce push the boundaries of RF electronics and materials.

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Process Control

Filtronics in-house manufacturing execution system “MarS”, enables real-time WiP tracking, process control and traceability of RF components, products and sub-systems. A web-based tool allows real-time reporting and statistical analysis from the beginning to the end of the process. Each parent/child assemblies and sub-assemblies have unique serial numbers for full material control and traceability.

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In-House Testing

Manufacturing and testing of our RF products and components occurs in-house at our state-of-the-art high volume manufacturing facilities. This enables us to develop tailored, rigorous, robust testing at every stage of production. It also helps our clients to remove cost from their operations, reducing their labour costs, improving their processes by removing waste.

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Advanced Radio Frequency Products

Radio frequency components are used throughout communications and other wireless network systems to exchange information over long distances. These components include transceivers, transmitters, filterspoweramplifiers, multiplexers, antennas, and are used to take information in the form of data and modulate or demodulate that using a carrier wave in the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. RF components, products and sub-systems are vital to telecommunications and nearly all wireless communication applications including Space, Critical Communications and Defence.

Frequency capability by sector

Frequency capability by sector

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