Harnessing RF power to enable modern defence communications


Our technologies enable clearer sensing, communication and defence

Using the invisible electromagnetic spectrum to sense, protect, and communicate, is critical for the defence of our country. At Filtronic we use the power of RF to facilitate modern defence communications.

We design, develop and manufacture RF, microwave or mmWave components, working collaboratively with clients to build trust, communicate openly, ensure compliance, and deliver exemplary products that provide reliable, best-in-class performance.

We have a proven performance record and a continuous improvement culture, currently providing a range of market-leading contract manufacturing services to some of the globe’s largest defence primes. We are considered an integral supply chain partner, recently winning an award for outstanding supply chain contribution.

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Jerry Sanham
Jerry Sanham

Jerry Sanham

Defence Business Development Director

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Defence products

Filtronic’s high performance defence microwave sub-systems

We design, manufacture and test products for a range of advanced defence sub-systems, including:


Radios, land sensing, jamming and multifunction RF sub-systems and solutions


Radar technologies for demanding maritime environments

Electronic warfare

Using the electromagnetic spectrum for counter and support measures


Switched filter banks and TRM modules for next gen radars

RF filters for defence

Our customised RF filters for defense applications, including Radar, Interrogation Friend or Foe (IFF), MilSat, Positioning Navigation and Timing, Decoys, Defensive Aid Suites (DAS), and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), are vital components that ensure robust and secure communication, radar, and electronic warfare systems. These filters are meticulously engineered to operate in harsh environments, withstanding extreme temperatures, shock, and electromagnetic interference, while consistently maintaining high performance and reliability.

They play a critical role in filtering out unwanted signals, reducing noise, and enhancing signal integrity, crucial for mission-critical operations and military readiness.

Defence RF filters are designed with ruggedised materials and specialised coatings to withstand battlefield conditions and electronic countermeasures, ensuring secure and uninterrupted communication and surveillance capabilities for defence forces worldwide.

Defence RF products

Transmit and receive modules

Our transmit and receive modules (TRM’s) are traditionally used in electronically scanned radar systems. Transmit and receive modules provide amplification and electronic beam steering and can be applied in radar or communication systems requiring a steerable antenna. Our engineers have the experience and capability to design and manufacture our...

Front end modules

Front end modules are one of the most important parts of a RF System, Filtronic has extensive experience in creating high performance modules that are placed between the antenna and the digital baseband section of a wireless system. Front end modules are available in various configurations based on the...

Custom filters

Filtronic has extensive knowledge and expertise in the design, development and production of custom filters that dates back to 1977. Our custom filters products include metal cavity filters, ceramic, combline, interdigital, lumped element, suspended substrate, waveguide and thin-film filters. We are experts in filter topology, offering rapid prototyping and...

Switched filter banks

Switched Filter Banks consist of a combination of switches and filters integrated into a single module. Integrating filter and switch components in a single module eliminates transitions between circuits, providing for optimal matching. Filtronic devices improve overall performance, including better insertion loss, flatness and voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR)....

Success stories

Integrated switched filter banks

Obsolete filter designed for drop in replacement

Box build electronic warfare, designed for volume

Defence sector news

News 15.01.2024

Filtronic wins a new radar contract from Defence Prime

News 13.09.2023

RF specialist selected for Defence Technology Exploitation Programme.

News 07.02.2024

Filtronic awarded £4.5 million contract with BAE Systems