High-quality, cost-effective outsourced semiconductor assembly & test

Filtronic is a trusted provider of OSAT solutions to global technology leaders. Our fully automated hybrid manufacturing UK facility enables us to help with design, contract manufacturing, and testing for harsh environments, all on one vertically integrated site.

Outsourced Semiconductor
Assembly & Test

Filtronic have a strong track record in providing hybrid manufacturing services such as outsourced semiconductor assembly and test. Our Sedgefield facility is equipped with a fully automated hybrid manufacturing line. With a total area of 1200m2, we have 200m2 of clean rooms and engineering labs, as well as nearly 500m2 of ESD safe work areas.

We can successfully manufacture to our customers design, or take that design and improve integration, to deliver improved performance, reducing size and weight, and increasing power. We have expertise in value engineering a customers design or providing input into thermal management to improve quality and reliability. Equally we have a strong team of process engineers that have demonstrable experience in process improvement that will improve yield.

Agile, hybrid contract microelectronics

Filtronic specialise in providing fast turnaround while maintaining quality, reliability, and traceability. Our hybrid contract microelectronics manufacturing services enable customers to realise their own designs using Filtronic’s precision microelectronic facilities, supported by a strong operations and manufacturing engineering team. This enables cost-effective outsourced electronics manufacture and sustained cost reduction services for customers requiring complex and high mix products to high reliability and quality levels.

Where we add value

  • Quality of processes
  • High yield
  • Control & traceability
  • Availability and supply chain resilience
  • Fast turnaround
  • Partnership culture
  • Testing

Our team

We are proud of our team and their technical excellence in design, assembly, component and materials selection.

With a proven track record, we specialise in customised solutions for your applications requirements. We have the experience and track record to make your life easier, whether your challenge is operational life or environmental stress or temperature extremes.

microelectronics manufacturing

Core capabilities include

  • Process engineers
    • Electronic and layout designers
    • Thick film
    • Thin film
    • PCB
    • Hermetic packaging
  • Mechanical design
  • Software and firmware experts
  • Test engineers

Powered by people

We have a wide range of skill sets including:

  • RF system engineers
  • MMIC specialists
  • Filter specialists
  • Electronic and PCB layout designers
  • Mechanical design
  • Process engineers
  • Software and firmware experts

Company overview


Our processes

Network analyser

Service overview

  • Fully automated epoxy and solder dispense – High precision X/Y set up to +/- 15 microns, 3 sigma
  • Die attach – Precision flip chip and die attach process up to +/-10 microns at 3 sigma
  • Bonding (Auto and Manual) – Placement accuracy of +/- 2 microns at 3 sigma
  • Packaging for extreme environments – High temperature and safety critical
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Encapsulation
  • Surface mounted technologies
  • System integration and design
  • Testing
  • Expedited procurement
  • Component sourcing via strong, resilient supply chain

Some of our processes

Epoxy Dispense

Die attach


Manual bonding

Hermetic sealing


Process control for full traceability

Our robust proprietary microelectronic manufacturing and process control system ensures real-time organisation wide access to material traceability, inventory management, WIP tracking, SPC, yield reporting and on-time delivery.

Real time throughout and yield tracking

  • Displays throughput and yield by process
  • Can be filtered by Job, Product, Sequence, Site
  • Displayed by Hour/Shift /Day /Week/Month


  • Define work flow.
  • WIP track individual parts.
  • Assemblies must progress through the defined process flow.
  • Ensures operators are trained for processes.
  • ESD controls are auto-enforced.

Detailed item status

  • Parent/child assemblies and sub-assemblies have unique serial numbers for full material control and traceability.

Supply chain resilience

Filtronic has a well-established global supply chain with strong supplier partnerships, and our buying power is increased by leveraging demand from multiple clients, which can result in significant BoM cost reduction. Our supplier partnerships include MMIC foundry and semiconductor vendors.

Filtronic PLC | Sedgefield


As part of the product design and microelectronic manufacture process Filtronic offer a comprehensive range of screening services. Filtronic has a range of in-house thermal HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) chambers which provide rapid temperature cycling of up to 60°C/Min ramp rate for screening out latent defects.

Dual sourcing

At Filtronic we have the capacity, experience and the expertise to design and manufacture high performance RF products at Microwave and mmWave. We are equally comfortable manufacturing to a customer’s design, as we are designing and manufacturing our own high-performance products. Alternatively, we love working with our clients, fusing their core competencies with ours to optimise their original design.


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