Our people

We firmly believe that it is our people who drive the success of our business. We have a diverse, experienced, and highly qualified team focused on delivering outstanding products and service to our customers.

Values and behaviours

Our people are industry experts in their field, they are enthusiastic, confident communicators who are proactive and love to collaborate, solve problems and step up to a challenge.

The values and behaviours which guide our business ethos are:

  • Act with integrity; being honest and fair, always keeping our promises.
  • Be respectful to all, it is the foundation of our culture.
  • Strive for excellence; it is what our clients and colleagues expect and what we endeavour to deliver.

The best thing about my job is….
Being part of a great team that always works well together, whether it is seeing new products from development to
full production or meeting tight customer deadlines, I always feel the team pulls together and provides support from all levels.

Clare atherton – lead operator

Read what some of our colleagues have to say about working at Filtronic:


Working in the dynamic and rapidly advancing RF communications arena requires our people to constantly develop and update their skills and knowledge. We identify and deliver targeted training, ensuring everyone is fully equipped to support our clients, build their career, and continuously improve our performance.

Equal opportunities

The Group is committed to equal opportunities for all. Further information on our equal opportunities policy may be found HERE. Filtronic has diversity and equal opportunity policies to support our aim of providing equal opportunities for all without discrimination. These policies form part of the Group’s core values (expected of employees, suppliers and other stakeholders).

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Being part of a world class team based in the North East of England that provides leading technology solutions to some of the best known multinationals around.


It is easy to become normalised to the technology the Filtronic team create, but if you step back and look at the products we design and manufacture and the customers we serve, it’s difficult to think of any other company that could offer such a cutting-edge adventure.