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Maximum performance for the smallest space is critical when space is at a premium. As data demand continues to grow and technology continues to reduce in size, small cell sites become increasingly attractive.

With the lower power of small cell products, the main drivers to a successful product are compact size, low weight and both high performance and efficiency.

The filter is one of the major components of the small cell and has a significant impact on all of these drivers, so it is important to consider these in the technology and design approach of the filters.

‍Filtronic is able to call upon years of experience in these areas in order to provide class leading designs to a number of OEM vendors. Technologies used include thin wall filters, use of different materials eg magnesium to reduce weight, mixed mode filters and advanced ceramics.

We are experts in solving complex filter challenges, such as narrow guard band, tight rejection specs or close-to-the-pass band. We understand filter topology and can work with the perfect technology for each challenge, while offering rapid prototyping and reduced development cycles.


  • Ideal where size, weight and performance are key
  • Thin wall filters
  • Use of different materials eg magnesium, mixed mode filters and advanced ceramics


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