Reshoring to meet our client’s country of origin targets

By proactively working with its leading OEM client, Filtronic was able to meet its business objective of re-shoring critical product assembly and supply chain back to the USA to improve equipment lead times. Filtronic successfully re-located manufacturing of the finished product from its offshore facility to its established operations in Salisbury, Maryland. Utilising its experience, local knowledge and a cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) platform, this complex transition was managed smoothly, effectively and efficiently.


The solution

  • Successfully commissioned a full US-based assembly facility.
  • Achieved  client’s quality standards. 
  • Passed an extensive and rigorous customer audit.
  • Full expedited re-certification.

The result

Completed in
<6 months
Within the customers target timeframe
  • Entire re-shoring operation delivered within the clients time frame of <6 mths.
  • Implemented product and process improvements, improving workflow and logistics
  • Significant reduction in lead time.

The challenge

  • Re-located manufacturing of the finished product.
  • Fulfilling all the key customer’s requirements during the transition.
  • Complex transition was managed smoothly, effectively and efficiently.

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