GaN amplifiers


Filtronic GaN amplifiers are manufactured using our in-house high-reliability chip and wire assembly processes. Our GaN power amplifiers offer very high RF power of above 50W, while providing excellent efficiency and superior linearity. Integrated coupled RF output enables pre-distortion and power detection.

High-power gallium nitride (GaN) devices are becoming increasingly prevalent in the transmit chain of phased array antennas, not only for radar but more recently also for 5G active antennas. Although still sometimes considered a ‘new technology’ GaN has already been used extensively for both military and commercial applications, and yet still has considerable potential to extend into the mmWave region.

Utilising our expertise and years of experience in design and manufacturing of high-frequency products, Filtronic has developed a family of extremely compact, high-efficiency amplifier modules based on our proprietary GaN power FET technology.

Filtronic amplifiers suit multiple applications including RF testing – where high efficiency, high output power and linearity are the key requirements.

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  • Operating Across Full L6 band (5.725-6.450GHz) and U6 band (6.40-7.125GHz)
  • Proprietary GaN FETs and Advanced Machining Delivering Best in Class Efficiency
  • RF Feedback Port For Predistortion Allows Further Improvement in Linearity
  • Direct Gate and Drain Control for Envelop Tracking, Allowing Further Efficiency Improvement
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor
  • Very Small Form Factor, 65mm x 36mm x 15mm
  • SMA Connectors For Simplified Radio Insertion

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