Unveiling the future of E-band

18 June 2024

~ Filtronic to showcase cutting-edge E-band technology at IMS 2024 ~

Filtronic, a leading innovator in RF and mmWave technology, has announced its participation in the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2024, 16 to 21 June in Washington DC. Filtronic will be exhibiting at Booth 626, where attendees will have the opportunity to explore the advanced capabilities of award-winning products including the Cerus32 E-band transceiver and the Hades X2 E-band module.

At the show, Filtronic will be introducing the Hercules II, an e-band transceiver module that combines the advanced capabilities of our latest Morpheus X2 transceiver with the power-enhancing Cerus 4 or 8 SSPA module. The Hercules II sets a new standard in high-speed backhaul networks with its unmatched performance and versatility, and is perfect for high-performance, low-latency private networks. By integrating the Morpheus X2 module, which contains all the necessary transmit and receive functions for the RF section of an E-band link, with the Cerus power amplifier, the Hercules II offers seamless integration and a host of exceptional benefits. This combination facilitates a straightforward and efficient connection to a high data rate full duplex modem while significantly boosting the available transmit power, ensuring extended reach and enhanced coverage.

The Hercules II also supports spectrally efficient modulation techniques, optimising bandwidth usage and ensuring higher data throughput. Key features of the Hercules II include Tx saturated powers exceeding +35dBm, low phase noise, and support for up to 512QAM modulation. This advanced functionality ensures that the Hercules II can meet the most demanding requirements of modern communication networks, providing robust, high-speed connectivity across a variety of challenging environments.

The Cerus32 is Filtronic’s award-winning high-performance E-band Solid State Power Amplifier designed to meet the growing demands of high-capacity wireless communication networks, such as low Earth orbit satellite communications. The Cerus 32 continues to be the most powerful E-band SSPA commercially available on the market, with up to +43dBm of transmit power. Each Cerus 32 module benefits from Filtronic’s in-house MMIC chip design and unique power-combining techniques, delivering maximum linear power. The high-power SSPA can be applied in a range of applications and is specifically suitable for commercial, military and satcom applications.

Additionally, the Hades X2 e-band active diplexer represents a significant advancement in E-band technology, specifically targeting applications that demand high power and efficiency. Engineered for optimal RF performance, the Hades X2 achieves exceptional efficiency and minimal power consumption through advanced GaAs MMIC technology and state-of-the-art thermal management, making it ideal for sustainable network deployments.

“Filtronic’s participation at IMS 2024 comes at a time when the industry faces numerous challenges, including the need for enhanced network capacity and efficiency to support the rapid growth in data traffic,” said Walter Magiera, Chief Commercial Officer at Filtronic. “The Hercules II, Cerus32 and Hades X2 are engineered to address these challenges by providing robust solutions that enhance network performance and reliability.”

“By integrating these products, network operators can achieve improved network capacity with enhanced bandwidth and power capabilities that support higher data rates, crucial for 5G and beyond. The high efficiency and robust performance of these solutions also leads to lower operational costs and an extended lifespan of network infrastructure, ensuring long-term investment protection.”

Filtronic’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of E-band technology is evident in these innovations, providing the tools necessary for our customers to stay ahead in their industry. Visitors to Filtronic’s booth will gain insights into how these advanced E-band solutions can address the challenges of modern communication networks and contribute to their sustainable development. For those interested in learning more about Filtronic’s offerings or arranging a meeting at IMS 2024, please contact Fin Farrelly, Marketing Manager, at fin.farrelly@filtronic.com

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