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Proven terrestrial performance and reliability pushing the boundaries in non-terrestrial applications.

High performance RF for space applications

Filtronic has been a major mmWave technology provider to the non terrestrial & near space ‘HAPS & LEO’ industries for several years. In recent years there has been considerable work undertaken to develop airborne communications networks that overcome the limitations of terrestrial networks. Challenges exist in designing these systems, one of which is the development of communications transport links that deliver sufficient bandwidth and range to provide comprehensive connectivity. Filtronic has developed class-leading transceiver and power combining technologies at mmWave. To download our latest brochure click here

Filtronic's complete solution for the space sector.

RF solutions for near space

Filtronic is a developer and manufacturer of RF-to-mmWave components and subsystems for near space applications. Our clients depend on us to deliver high- performance RF solutions solving their challenging requirements. We accelerate their market entry, reduce whole-life & development costs, minimise cost of quality and provide them with a competitive advantage. To download our latest brochure click here

LEO and HAPS communication networks depend on us

Off-the-shelf RF components for Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

At Filtronic, we have been designing and manufacturing high-performance amplifiers and transceiver modules for demanding terrestrial applications for many years. These are widely deployed in mission-critical environments for the telecommunications, defence, aerospace and emergency services sectors, as well as more recently in high-altitude pseudo-satellites (HAPS). Our exhaustively tested sub-systems offer the proven reliability and performance needed for LEO applications. Read our latest article about the importance of mmWave for LEO here.

RF innovations for high altitude pseudo satellites (HAPS)

Filtronic is an expert in the design, development and delivery of next-generation, high-performance transceiver modules, enabling high-capacity HAPS-to-ground and inter-HAPS data transmission using E-band frequencies. Read our latest article here. As a member of the HAPS Alliance, Filtronic collaborates with world-leading telecommunications, technology, aviation, and aerospace companies to accelerate commercial adoption, advocate for safety and regulatory standards, and help build a cooperative HAPS ecosystem.

Improved SWAP for better payload utilisation

Payload utilisation is critical for non-terrestrial applications. Filtronic is an expert in delivering highly integrated Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) improvements. Our advanced UK and US manufacturing facilities make us a trusted long-term supplier to the near space industry. Clients rely on our expertise, speed and agility to manufacture and test products at scale to push the boundaries of RF technology – meeting demand for ever-increasing data rates and capacity.

Bridging the digital divide by satellite

To deliver the full promise of 5G and address the ‘digital divide’, LEO & HAPS solutions are essential to enable coverage in low population areas where terrestrial mobile networks are not viable. Filtronic is a pivotal mmWave technology provider to the near space industry, playing a key role in developing the high-performance RF components required for these communications systems. mmWave frequency bands are expected to form a key part of the solution for the links between satellites, HAPS and ground terminals.


Transceivers for ground-based terminals

Our specialists at Filtronic have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing modules at high mmWave frequencies, including Q to E-band. Using variants of our transceiver modules for ground based terminals for HAPS and LEO applications will equip satellites and ground-based gateways with the capacity to meet rapidly growing demand for data as more people worldwide are brought online. To discover more about our transceiver solutions click here 

RF spectrum products for the space sector

Morpheus II

Morpheus II E-Band transceiver modules provide a turn-key solution for carrier grade mobile XHaul applications. Each module contains all the transmit and receive functions necessary for the RF section of an E-Band link and provides a simple connection to a high data rate full duplex modem. The integrated diplexer...


Filtronic’s range of power amplifiers provide market leading linear mmW power. Available in single to N-way configurations, the Cerus power amplifiers deliver unparalleled performance for long range E-Band communications. Cerus  power amplifiers are available as 32, 8, 4 & 1 way E-Band modules. Containing GaAs MMICs performance matched and...

GaN amplifiers

Filtronic GaN amplifiers are manufactured using our in-house high-reliability chip and wire assembly processes. Our GaN power amplifiers offer very high RF power of above 50W, while providing excellent efficiency and superior linearity. Integrated coupled RF output enables pre-distortion and power detection. High-power gallium nitride (GaN) devices are becoming...

Custom filters

Filtronic has extensive knowledge and expertise in the design, development and production of custom filters that dates back to 1977. Our custom filters products include metal cavity filters, ceramic, combline, interdigital, lumped element, suspended substrate, waveguide and thin-film filters. We are experts in filter topology, offering rapid prototyping and...

Success stories

Four channel, ultra-high-capacity transceiver module

Transceiver for HAPS – Two-channel, selectable module

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