Transceiver for HAPS – Two-channel, selectable module

Our industry-leading RF engineering teams enable our global customers to accelerate their development. The business case for a High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS) is lean, so our FAAMG customer needed to optimise the cost performance trade-off of their E-Band solution. Prior to this, they used lower-performance technology which was suitable for early trials and deployments but was not robust enough for commercialisation. With Filtronics’ solution, we incorporated our in-house chip-set, reducing margin stacking and optimising cost effectiveness.

As a result of this approach, the client’s NRE was also lowered as they didn’t have to invest in true mmWave engineering, reducing their need for a team of specialists. By combining 2 amplifiers, we were able to boost the transmit power, extending the range, and enabling high-capacity HAPS-to-ground and inter-HAPS data transmission.


The solution

  • Design optimised for high Tx output power & low Rx noise performance.
  • Low weight and size as payload was critical.
  • Based on our class-leading Morpheus transceiver technology platforms.

The result

High band and low band frequencies
selectable within one integrated transceiver module.
  • Low mass, critical for keeping payload to a minimum.
  • Compact, minimising footprint required for radio.

The challenge

  • Next generation, high-performance transceiver modules
  • Enabling high-capacity HAPS-to-ground and inter-HAPS data transmission using E-band frequencies.

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