High-performance communication solutions

Our products are critical to a range of challenging applications including telecommunications infrastructure, aerospace and defence, HAPS & LEO, test & measurement, and emergency first-responder communications.

About Filtronic

Filtronic specialises in working with clients to solve their complex RF, microwave and mmWave challenges.

We create value through our depth of knowledge and technology leadership across the microwave spectrum. Filtronic develops RF solutions for mission-critical environments, partnering with clients by offering design, manufacture, and testing of high-performance RF devices & subsystems. Specialties include, power-amplifiers, transceivers, MCPs, SIPs, MMICs and filters operating up to 114GHz.

We focus on markets where we have a deep understanding of the sector and the challenges faced by our customers. We use our engineering and technical know-how to deliver high-performance components and sub-systems across the RF, microwave and mmWave spectrum. Filtronic has a rich history of innovation with entrepreneurial origins, which we retain today and which drive us towards our position of technology leadership. 

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RF Communications

RF communication has a rich history and Filtronic has been at its forefront for over 40 years.

We are a key supplier of advanced RF communications products (300Mhz – 3GHz) to the mobile telecommunications infrastructure and critical communications markets. Our products are used in wireless communication equipment, point-to-point communication systems and adjacent aerospace and defence sectors. We are long-term partners to some of the world’s largest critical communication companies, providing design, manufacturing, and testing of our own high-performance RF products as well as offering services using our cutting-edge technologies and facilities.

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Microwave solutions

Filtronic develops microwave solutions for mission-critical environments.

We partner with clients by offering design, manufacture and test of high-performance Microwave devices & sub-systems. We also have a range of solutions at RF and mmWave. Specialties include developing, power-amplifiers, transceivers, MCPs, SIPs, MMICs and filters operating up to 114GHz.

Our specialist know-how of Microwave (3GHz to 24GHz) design and manufacturing processes allows us to rapidly develop products to the most demanding customer specifications. Our in-house capabilities and scale, coupled with a well defined supply chain enable us to quickly ramp and scale to volume.

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mmWave innovation

Filtronic are experts at mmWave. We push the boundaries of communication for XHaul (including front, mid and backhaul) specifically at E band, W band and D band.

Filtronic provide proven technology solutions enabling the next generation of ultra-high-capacity long-range connectivity in a number of markets including telecommunication infrastructure, trackside to train, test and measurement, new space, and non terrestrial communications specifically HAPS and LEO. Extensive knowledge and experience in mmWave integration ensure that system performance is optimised and size is always minimised. We design innovative architectures with a focus on high levels of integration, reduced weight and increased power and enable deployment of multi-channel systems in a small envelope. Flexible system configurations can be optimised to meet customer-specific system requirements and applications.

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Critical communications depend on Filtronic


Transmit & receive

Filtronic designs and manufactures products that transmit and receive radio signals. We are experts in modules for telecommunications, test & measurement, aerospace & defence and HAPS/LEO.

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Passive & active RF solutions

Filtronic designs and manufactures high-performance components and subsystems that condition radio waves across the RF spectrum, specifically for aerospace & defence and critical communications.

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Integrated subsystems

Filtronic is a technology leader in RF and we are experts in system and subsystem integration. Providing, design and manufacturing for defence & aerospace, telecommunications infrastructure and critical communications.

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Manufacturing services

Filtronic manufactures products that transmit, receive and condition radio waves, at Microwave and mmWave frequencies. Offering a range of contract microelectronic manufacturing services, Filtronic has a proven track record, currently providing contract manufacturing for defence primes.


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