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High altitude pseudo-satellites (HAPS)/low earth orbit satellites (LEO)

Filtronic has been a major mmWave technology provider to the non terrestrial & near space ‘HAPS & LEO’ industries for several years. In recent years there has been considerable work undertaken to develop airborne communications networks that overcome the limitations of terrestrial networks. Challenges exist in designing these systems, one of which is the development of communications transport links that deliver sufficient bandwidth and range to provide comprehensive connectivity. Filtronic has developed class-leading power combining technologies at mmWave.


Connecting under-served communities is a high priority for many countries. Filtronic is an expert in the design, development and delivery of next-generation, high-performance transceiver modules, enabling high-capacity HAPS-to-ground and inter-HAPS data transmission using E-band frequencies. Read our latest article here

As a member of the HAPS Alliance, Filtronic collaborates with world-leading telecommunications, technology, aviation, and aerospace companies to accelerate commercial adoption, advocate for safety and regulatory standards, and help build a cooperative HAPS ecosystem. This cross-industry collaboration is designed to eliminate the ‘Digital Divide’, accelerating the development and adoption of HAPS technology, thus bringing better connectivity to areas globally not served by traditional telecoms infrastructure. Our expertise in these developing industries has grown from our track record of providing high-performance, customised solutions within critical communication sectors spanning over 40 years.

High performance transceivers

mmWave transceiver