Innovators, collaborators, RF pioneers

Filtronic has a strong engineering pedigree and are a trusted provider of leading edge integrated RF solutions to a broad range of critical communication applications from 300MHz to 175GHz. Our track record, coupled with our highly experienced engineers enables repeatable high-performance.

Enabling the future of RF, microwave and mmWave

Filtronic is a designer and manufacturer of RF-to-mmWave components and subsystems for mission-critical communication networks. We are radio frequency experts who deliver high-performance RF solutions into complex markets.

With an enviable track record of providing high performance, customised solutions within critical communication sectors spanning over 40 years. Filtronic designs and manufactures products that accelerates market entry, reduces whole life and developments costs and delivers sustainable competitive advantage.

We are long-term RF partners to leading technology players in aerospace & defence, telecommunications infrastructure, and critical communications. We deliver innovative solutions are technology leaders from RF to mmWave, and always deliver value for money.

Hybrid Manufacturing | Filtronic PLC

Design for microelectronics

Bespoke RF, Microwave and mmWave design services for a broad range of applications up to 175GHz, including telecommunication infrastructure, aerospace and defence, test & measurement, critical communications and transport. Our clients utilise our industry-leading engineering knowledge for the full RF spectrum up to mmWave.

Filtronic PLC | Sedgefield

Electronics manufacturing for RF

Filtronic manufactures products that transmit, receive and condition radio waves, at Microwave and mmWave frequencies. Offering a range of contract microelectronic manufacturing services, Filtronic has a proven track record, currently providing contract manufacturing for defence primes.

Technical Experts | Filtronic PLC

Test and measurement

Filtronic has a proven track record for developing custom volume test solutions for products ranging from packaged chip to complex RF and millimetre-wave assemblies and systems, operating at frequencies between 4GHz and 114GHz.

Where we lead

RF design pioneers

Filtronic is an RF design specialist with an industry leading team with over 200 years combined experience in microwave and mmWave product design and integration. We have over forty years’ track record of delivering high performance RF technologies.

Filtronic has a rich history of innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that drives everything we do. We deliver value to our global customers by accelerating their market entry, reducing whole-life & development
costs, minimising cost of quality and providing them with a competitive advantage.

Our expertise includes integrated RF, electronics and software design with access to an exclusive range of in-house designed GaAs MMICs and GaN FETs. Our MMIC engineers are experienced in designing on a wide range of GaAs and GaN foundries, and in using foundry models, as well as fine-tuning and optimising our own model sets. We maintain a comprehensive range of Computer Aided Design systems for microwave circuit design, system simulation, thermal design, mechanical design and automated test programme development.

Transformational technologies

Filtronic manufactures a whole range of high-performance RF devices and sub-systems. Our specialities include power-amplifiers, transceivers, MCPs, SIPs, MMICs and filters operating from DC to over 114GHz. Our technologies fall into three broad categories:

Transmit and receive

Filtronic design and manufacture a range of transmit and
receive products including transceivers, transmit and receive
modules, front end modules and power amplifiers.

Passive and active RF solutions

Our expertise includes the design and manufacture of band pass, low pass, high pass and band stop filters. We provide customised solutions that includes switched filter banks, diplexers, multiplexers, combiners and tunable filters.

Integrated sub-systems

We partner with clients by offering design, manufacture and test of high-performance RF devices & subsystems. Specialties include developing, power-amplifiers, transceivers, MCPs, SIPs, MMICs and filters operating from DC to over 114 GHz.

Powered by remarkable people

Filtronic has considerable depth of technology, engineering, manufacturing, and operational management skills across its business operations.

Our focus is on creating a high-performance culture through effective employee engagement, excellent career development and resource management. Filtronic employs a special kind of person. They are experts in their field, confident communicators who love to collaborate, solve problems, and step up to a challenge. Our core skills base includes:

RF systems engineers. MMIC specialists. Filter specialists. Electronic and PCB layout designers. Mechanical design. Process engineers. Software and firmware experts

Looking to the future

Quantum computing: solving complex challenges

The microwave circuits in quantum computers operate at superconducting temperatures, and are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Filtronic has developed advanced microwave filters to overcome this critical problem. RF technologies offer further potential to solve some of the unique challenges associated with quantum computing.

Defence – securing critical communications

In defence applications, unreliable or interrupted signals caused by congested frequency bands could cost lives. Moving up to E-band not only offers higher data rates, but also provides more directional signals that are harder to intercept. Alongside this, there is a push towards more digital signal processing in the radar signal chain. New technologies in the pipeline include ultrawide band (UWB) tuneable filters, operating across a broad spectrum of frequencies, which will be used to capture highly accurate spatial and directional data.

Telecoms – make space for data

To manage forecasted data traffic, millimetre wave (mmWave) bands at the higher end of the frequency spectrum will need to be licensed for use by telecoms. The semiconductor processes and RF technologies required for W-band (92-115GHz) are well advanced – and will be ready by the time licences are granted. Work is underway to solve the fundamental challenges associated with D-band (138-174GHz), which offers much higher data rates, but requires significant changes to device architecture and manufacture.


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