Minimising spectral emissions and attenuating interference

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Interference mitigation filters


Interference mitigation filters provide a simple, cost effective and low loss solution for minimising spectral emissions and attenuating interference signals.

The ever increasing demand for data has led to the need for more spectrum. Some of this has been provided by re-farming of existing frequencies and the release of new spectrum such as the Digital Dividend. These changes have led to some interference problems between new networks and other existing RF systems. Many of the new channels are small and close to others, so to mitigate interference, Filtronic has designed interference mitigation filters that provide rejection with the smallest possible loss of usable spectrum, with minimal impact on the signal characteristics.

‍Filtronic solutions are designed to be easy to install into the network and can be mounted on walls, poles, inside cabinets or even within a pole and size and weight are kept to a minimum. Interference and blocking protection can be designed as a stand- alone unit or integrated into other filtering or combining depending on the application. Other options include field reconfigurable filters, switchable filters, and DC and AISG passthrough to the antenna from the base-station. Some example of our products and solutions include:

  • UMTS 900/ GSMR
  • LTE2600 FDD/TDD
  • LTE800/ ATG
  • LTE800/ SMR
  • LTE2600 / Radar
  • LTE800/ DTV
  • GSM-R / EGSM

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