Filtronic releases highest power (>20W), commercially available E-band solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) on the market

16 November 2023

Filtronic, a global leader in high-frequency RF design and manufacture, has today announced the launch of the Cerus 32 range of E-band SSPAs. The latest adddition to this expanding range of power amplifiers for terrestrial and non-terrestrial communication pushes the performance boundaries further. Based on proven Cerus power combining technology, this new design resets the performance bar.

 The Cerus 32 is highly configurable, offering an improved user interface and seamless integration. The amplifiers can be easily customised to enhance integration and are available as standalone SSPAs with WR12 input on top and output on the bottom, or with both input and output on the bottom. Moreover, it can be supplied with a powerful integrated Morpheus  transceiver and high-power diplexer, providing an integrated high power transceiver module, ideal for Low Earth Orbit applications.

The product has been designed to be compact and is perfect for E-band ground station applications where performance is critical. It features a simple interface with a single 48V input and has onboard regulation and bias control, making it easy to integrate. Additionally, the product has a large surface area heat sink, ensuring optimal thermal efficiency. Both high band (81-86GHz) and low band (71-76GHz) variants are available.

The Cerus 32 is the most powerful E-band SSPA commercially available on the market, with up to +43dBm of transmit power. Each Cerus 32 consists of 32 E-band GaAs MMICs that are performance-matched and power-combined in waveguide, allowing for maximum linear power delivery. The high-power SSPA can be applied in a range of applications and is specifically suitable for commercial, military and satcom applications.

“The Cerus 32 is a significant advancement in E-band SSPAs, especially in situations where high linear power is critical,” stated Mark Whetton, Director of Business Development at Filtronic. He further added, “This innovative product builds on our proven, field-tested technology that brings forth new opportunities for Satellite Communications. With the expansion of satellite networks and an increasing number of people worldwide being connected to the internet via LEO satellite, the demand for data is expected to grow exponentially. This growth in user terminal capacity will require a significant increase in bandwidth to boost capacity. Gateway links at E-band are perfect, as E-band provides the necessary wide bandwidth pipe to support the increase in user terminal capacity, and the Cerus 32 enables that through its higher power.”

The Cerus 32 is now available to order. For more information about Filtronic and its innovative product portfolio, visit the Filtronic website.

For more information about Filtronic’s range of products and its custom solutions, visit

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