Next generation wireless networks

What is 5G?

The biggest differences between 4G and 5G are speed, latency and cell density. The ever-growing use cases and exponential growth of data have meant that 4G is no longer as suitable for data intensive applications  The biggest difference is latency, 5G provides latency of 1 millisecond which can be exploited for real-time applications (such as remote surgery), as opposed to 4G which ranges from 60 – 98 milliseconds. Download speed is also dramatically improved. 5G performance typically stops at 1Gbps, whereas 5G will perform comfortably at 10Gbps. Cell density is also higher, in 4G there would typically be between 200 & 400 users per cell, whereas with 5G that figure can be 100 times that. To download our latest brochure click here

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5G to 6G transition

Although still in its infancy, 6G as a technology will not commercially arrive until at least 2030. 6G will potentially operate at high mmWave or even Terahertz frequencies. To support 6G networks, XHaul connections will need to offer data rates >100Gbps. Equally, the latency will be significantly lower than current 5G specifications, with figures of less than 100 microseconds being openly discussed. 6G speed is expected to be 100 times faster than 5G with enhanced reliability and wider network coverage. 6G technology will need higher frequency mmWave solutions for the wireless transport networks, which is why Filtronic are developing products and capabilities at  W and D band.

Technology for telecommunications innovation

Power amplifiers

Filtronic’s range of power amplifiers provides market-leading linear mmWave power. Available as 8, 4 & 1 way E-Band modules, Cerus provides proven system performance with saturated powers up to >+36dBm. The Cerus 8 E-Band amplifier modules each contain 8x Filtronic GaAs HEMT PA MMICs performance matched and power combined in waveguide to deliver maximum power and linearity.

RF Filters for 5G

Our team of highly experienced engineers works with clients to ascertain optimum technologies dependent upon specific filter requirements, e.g. size, response, power handling, insertion loss and rejection. Technologies available include metal cavity filters, ceramic, comb-line, interdigital, lumped element, suspended substrate, waveguide and thin-film filters.



Filtronic’s proven technology solutions enable the next generation of ultra high capacity long-range data links for wireless networks. Extensive knowledge and experience in microwave and mmWave integration ensure that system performance is optimised and size is minimised. Innovative architectures with a focus on high levels of integration minimise size, weight and power and enable deployment of multi-channel systems in a small envelope.


E-band is well established as an attractive and cost effective, high capacity solution for mmWave XHaul applications, capable of supporting radio links up to 20Gbps. The spectrum allocations available in E-band are 71 – 76GHz and 81 – 86GHz. However, the ever-increasing demand for data means that still higher capacity is going to be required in 5G XHaul networks, and the need for links up to 100Gbps has already been identified. Moving up the frequency spectrum to W-band and D-band systems, where huge amounts of further bandwidth become available, will likely prove to be part of the solution.

Microwave and mmWave products for telecommunications infrastructure

Morpheus II

Morpheus II E-Band transceiver modules provide a turn-key solution for carrier grade mobile XHaul applications. Each module contains all the transmit and receive functions necessary for the RF section of an E-Band link and provides a simple connection to a high data rate full duplex modem. The integrated diplexer...


Filtronic’s range of power amplifiers provide market leading linear mmW power. Available in single to N-way configurations, the Cerus power amplifiers deliver unparalleled performance for long range E-Band communications. Cerus  power amplifiers are available as 32, 8, 4 & 1 way E-Band modules. Containing GaAs MMICs performance matched and...


10Gbps capable, ideal for use in high-speed mobile backhaul networks for services such as LTE-Advanced and 5G. Easy Entry to E-band Market for OEMs Orpheus modules are designed for easy incorporation into ODUs for rapid time to market with minimal customer engineering resource. Low technical risk, with >50,000 Filtronic mmWave...

Small cell filters

With the lower power of small cell products, the main drivers to a successful product are compact size, low weight and both high performance and efficiency. The filter is one of the major components of the small cell and has a significant impact on all of these drivers, so...

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