Power amplifiers, providing market leading mmWave power

Cerus, the 71-76GHz and 81-86GHz boost power amplifiers from Filtronic, deliver market-leading transmit power, enabling extended link distances for high-capacity E-band point-to-point, HAPS and Satellite applications.

A solid state power amplifier (SSPA) converts a low-power radio frequency signal to a higher power one. When working with RF signals, especially at the higher frequency mmWave bands for 5G, voltage levels can be extremely low. An RF power amplifier is a circuit block that serves to increase the amplitude, power output, or drive capacity of an RF signal. Filtronic’s Cerus is a series of E-Band (71 to 76 GHz) power amplifiers for point-to-point applications. They are ideal for military or commercial applications with excellent SWAP (low size, weight and high power) perfect for airborne & non-terrestrial applications. Cerus amplifiers are available in 1, 4 and 8-way configurations and deliver unparalleled performance for long range E-Band communications. These amplifiers provide an output power of up to 35 dBm with a small signal gain of over 20 dB.

Cerus key facts

  • >20dB gain
  • Saturated powers up to >+43dBm (Cerus 32)
  • Suitable for military or commercial applications
  • Low SWAP for airborne & HAPS applications

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    Cerus features

    • 71-76GHz and 81-86Gz High Power Amplifiers
    • Saturated powers up to >+43dBm (Cerus 32)
    • High linearity supports 256QAM modulation
    • Wide 5GHz bandwidth

    Product description

    Filtronic’s range of power amplifiers provide market leading linear mmW power. Available in single to N-way configurations, the Cerus power amplifiers deliver unparalleled performance for long range E-Band communications.

    Cerus  power amplifiers are available as 32, 8, 4 & 1 way E-Band modules. Containing GaAs MMICs performance matched and efficiently combined in waveguide to deliver maximum power. An integrated temperature sensor provides users with accurate amplifier temperature data, and optional control circuitry facilitates functions including gain control, mute control, and alarms.

    • Proven system performance — Demonstrated in systems supporting 256QAM
    • Field proven technology — >50,000 Filtronic millimetre wave transceivers deployed worldwide

    Compact light weight design can be easily integrated with Filtronic transmitter modules.

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