Open Radio access network (Open RAN)

Radio access networks

A radio access network (RAN) is a major component of telecommunications infrastructure. It is the area of the wireless network that connects the mobile network to your cell phone or other devices on the edge of the network. To download our latest brochure click here

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Open Radio access network (Open RAN)

This is a disaggregated approach to radio access networks and the architecture of how data travels from the radiohead to the core network via XHaul. As technology has evolved from 2G, 3G, 4G to 5G, the accompanying evolution needs to occur with the wireless network also.

Open RAN has many macro drivers, from cost to supply chain diversity and sovereignty. Essentially it is a term used for industry-wide standards for RAN (Radio Access Network) interfaces that support multiple vendors’ equipment and offer network flexibility at a lower cost.

An OpenRAN is disaggregated into three main functional blocks:

  • Radio Unit (RU)
  • Distributed Unit (DU)
  • Centralised Unit (CU)

Filtronic XHaul transceiver modules  are applied in this disaggregated approach within fronthaul, midhaul and backhaul radios.


Technology for telecommunications innovation

Open RAN and 5G

The long term benefits of the adoption of Open-RAN include creating increased competition and , stimulating innovation. Open RAN, enables virtualisation, which means moving the radio and radio access software onto the cloud. This enables scalability at speed, which is key to 5G. Another key benefit includes lowering the total cost of ownership. Increased competition and lower barriers to entry in Open RAN will bring down the network TCO.

Low latency private networks

Low latency financial networks are becoming essential in reducing transaction times for automated high frequency trading systems. Filtronic designs and supplies customised versions of our E-Band transceivers for financial services markets.

Technology for telecommunications innovation

The speed and capacity demands placed on mobile telecommunications infrastructure are increasing exponentially. By 2023, fixed broadband speeds are expected to more than double, while 5G speeds will be 13 times higher than the average mobile
connection. Filtronic plays a vital role in equipping global telecommunications networks for the future. As experts in designing components for 5G XHaul, we support the industry in moving up the frequency spectrum from E-Band to W-Band and D-Band,
to deliver the extra bandwidth required.

Open RAN for private networks

Another early use case for OpenRAN has been Private 5G and LTE networks. Telcos can customise and tailor their solutions, offering different features as well as increased speed of deployment, security and the opportunity to scale that solution with additional components. For example, they may incorporate additional security or system integration with a management layer. Private cellular networks also provide a test bed for telcos to build expertise and test cases in a more controlled environment prior to wider scale deployment.

Microwave and mmWave products for telecommunications infrastructure

Morpheus II

Morpheus II E-Band transceiver modules provide a turn-key solution for carrier grade mobile XHaul applications. Each module contains all the transmit and receive functions necessary for the RF section of an E-Band link and provides a simple connection to a high data rate full duplex modem. The integrated diplexer...


Filtronic’s range of power amplifiers provide market leading linear mmW power. Available in single to N-way configurations, the Cerus power amplifiers deliver unparalleled performance for long range E-Band communications. Cerus  power amplifiers are available as 32, 8, 4 & 1 way E-Band modules. Containing GaAs MMICs performance matched and...


10Gbps capable, ideal for use in high-speed mobile backhaul networks for services such as LTE-Advanced and 5G. Easy Entry to E-band Market for OEMs Orpheus modules are designed for easy incorporation into ODUs for rapid time to market with minimal customer engineering resource. Low technical risk, with >50,000 Filtronic mmWave...

Small cell filters

With the lower power of small cell products, the main drivers to a successful product are compact size, low weight and both high performance and efficiency. The filter is one of the major components of the small cell and has a significant impact on all of these drivers, so...

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