Waveguide diplexer


High “Q” and low insertion loss

Waveguide diplexer
Waveguide filter | Filtronic PLC

Filtronic offer waveguide products such as filters, diplexers and OMTs; typical frequency ranges are from 6GHz to 110GHz. Waveguide products offer high “Q” and low insertion loss, making them suitable for high power applications.

A waveguide diplexer allows two different devices to share a common communication channel. It is a passive (RF) filter component that enables the management of multiple signals. High-performance diplexers are frequently used in satellite systems to isolate the high-power wideband transmission band from the sensitive reception frequency range. Filtronic has developed a range of waveguide products, typical frequency ranges are from 6GHz to 110GHz.

Waveguide diplexer key facts

  • High power applications
  • From 6GHz to 110GHz
  • High “Q” and low insertion loss

Waveguide diplexer features

  • Available as customised solutions.
  • High performance diplexer, able to receive and transmit signals simultaneously.
  • Track record across a number of industries.

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    Product description

    Waveguide diplexer products developed and manufactured to high-end customer specifications for Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint volume applications covering the frequency range from 4 to 114GHz. Utilising innovative engineering solutions, Filtronic’s highly experienced engineers design custom filters and diplexers to exacting performance levels but implemented in low-cost die-cast or machined fabrication.

    Custom software enables highly accurate no tune designs and rapid development lead times. Integration of couplers and isolators supports lowest cost system solutions and flexibility of variants minimising customer logistics. Products have capabilities, through high levels of integration, to offer cost effective solutions incorporating high-frequency rejection filters to 114GHz, RF loop and isolators as required.

    Filtronic manufactures waveguide products in conventional flanged designs or bespoke form factors, including surface mountable.

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