Transmit and receive modules (TRM’s)

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Transmit and receive modules


Our transmit and receive modules (TRM’s) are traditionally used in electronically scanned radar systems. Transmit and receive modules provide amplification and electronic beam steering and can be applied in radar or communication systems requiring a steerable antenna. Our engineers have the experience and capability to design and manufacture our own T/R modules within our leading design, manufacturing and testing facilities in Sedgefield, UK.

We also have a rich history of developing hybrid manufacturing services for leading defence prime contractors, where we provide dual sourcing as a strategic choice to enable a reduced risk of disrupted schedules, as well as offering the opportunity to rapidly scale or shrink volumes without either incurring extra personnel and equipment costs or keeping a line running below capacity.

Dual sourcing has other well-documented benefits, among them the potential for faster lead times, scalability and more consistent supply. There can also be advantages if a company with a broad product and technology base can draw on the specialised expertise of a contractor.

Partnering with Filtronic as a second source can help you meet the challenges of ramping up production without compromising on quality. With a recent investment of over £1 million in new assembly and test equipment, Filtronic has overseen a significant increase in the capacity of its Sedgefield manufacturing facility to a potential throughput of 10,000 transmit/receive modules (TRM) per month, with an average final yield of 95%.

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