State of the art microelectronic manufacturing facilities

Precision microelectronics manufacturing

Microelectronics manufacturing from our state of the art facilities in the UK and USA, Filtronic specialises in the manufacture of active and passive RF solutions for critical communications. Using highly automated processes, our manufacturing teams thrive on challenging projects where the solutions we produce push the boundaries of RF electronics and materials.

Producing precision components and hybrids to client specifications in our 24-hour production facilities, we offer contract design and microelectronic manufacturing services in both the UK and USA. Providing services that add value, make clients’ lives easier, and allow them to increase sales. We offer a range of order-fulfilment options, such as manufacturing close to market, inventory hubbing and site-kitting.

We also offer extensive volume experience to customise and adapt products, optimising them for cost-efficient volume manufacture. With our significant investment in hybrid assembly, advanced microwave test systems, military standard processes and full traceability, we offer a unique low risk and secure service.

Microelectronic assembly

Highly automated production assembly lines enable MMIC die attach, wire and ribbon bonding, together with skilled manual assembly and hermetic sealing all to Military/IPC standards.

Filtronic has demonstrated world class product quality and reliability, with over 500,000 transceiver modules and 700,000 filter products successfully deployed in the field. This is achieved through a strong quality culture, six sigma, high levels of production automation and traceability.

Epoxy dispense and die attach

Fully automated epoxy dispense and component placement equipment provides tightly controlled, accurate and repeatable component attach.

Enabling our customers to realise their own designs

Wire bonding

Filtronic’s fully automated wire bonding capabilities include wedge, ribbon and ball. Our team of highly trained and experienced wire bond operators ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standard. Robust & reliable wire bond process capabilities are developed by optimising and tightly controlling the key wire bond process and material parameters. Ball shear and wire pull test are used as tools to qualify and centre the process. Sample ball shear and pull test are then used during manufacture in order to maintain high levels of quality & yield.

Air cavity package

Filtronic mixes GaAs, GaN and Silicon die in a single package offering unprecedented integration and system cost savings. To meet increasing demands for integration and cost reduction, Filtronic has developed a range of proprietary MMICs which are packaged in miniature surface mount multi chip modules enabling manufacture in mass SMT lines.

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