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Tower top amplifiers


Filtronic’s Tower Top Amplifiers (TTAs) feature smart redundancy, which continuously monitors the health of the balanced quadrature-coupled amplifiers. In the case of a failure in one of the amplifiers, the system can continue to operate using the redundant amplifier. If both amplifiers are lost the system will function in a bypass mode.

The TTA system features gain flatness across the band typically less than 0.5 dB, third order intermodulation of greater than +13dBm, noise figure of typically less than 2.5dB, and a high-performance preselector filter. This gives radio system operators the confidence knowing their mission-critical networks will reliably operate with resilient connections and higher quality audio, especially in congested environments.

A complete, receive signal tower top amplifier system designed for 700 and 800 MHz communication networks.

The compact TTA units measure approximately 9 x 6.8 x 2 inches (229 x 173 x 51 mm) and weigh less than 3.6kg (8 lb.). The space saving 1RU rack-mounted control units have model options with eight output ports, expandable to either 16 or 32 ports using optional expansion kits.

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  • Easy to order using one-part number for the entire system
  • Available in diversity or non-diversity options
  • Robust lightning strike and IIP3 performance verified by industry standard testing
  • Best in class design based on years of Tower Mounted Amplifier development experience

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