Tower Top Amplifiers Improved specifications

A leading critical communications OEM challenged Filtronic in 2020 to develop a new Tower Top Amplifier (TTA) for public safety networks. To compete in today’s technology-driven market, our client demanded a better-performing product due to product obsolescence and technological advancements. They were having trouble meeting their challenging specifications with their existing suppliers and wanted to diversify their supply chain. Our client requested several product enhancements, including more consistent performance site-to-site and an easier installation process.. 


The solution

  • The new TTA exceeded customer requirements
  • Smallest, lightest head units, slim control unit, so better utilisation of space.
  • Created a “kit” part number scheme.
  • Switched to USA manufacturing (lead-time).

The result

Industry leading noise value of
For increased range
Lead time reduction
Supply Efficiency
  • Performance improvements included smart redundancy, significantly reducing cost to replace.
  • The product was smallest size and weight, reducing tower loadings & industry leading noise figure of 2.5dB for increased range.
  • Order to shipment went from 4 to 2 weeks.

The challenge

  • New TTA hardware specifications.
  • Existing supply chain struggling to meet it.
  • Product enhancements, modular system, simplified ordering and reduced time to market.

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