High performance RF, microwave and mmWave technologies

Our brand

Data is universal and drives everything from laptops to cars. Moving that data around is tricky, especially as the requirements increase. Filtronic’s expertise enables seamless connection with increased bandwidth, reduced latency and improved connectivity. We work with Fortune 500 companies because we provide a level of expertise they cannot get elsewhere.

Every day at work and at home each of us relies on RF signals. Whole industries depend on fast and reliable broadband access – and new industries could open or expand if high-speed access becomes reliably and widely available. The RF spectrum is not infinite and is incredibly complicated, Filtronic helps technology companies maximise it to create a better-connected world.  

Its technologies are applied successfully in high-performance markets including; Aerospace & Defence; Telecommunications Infrastructure; Critical Communications, Space and other adjacent markets.

Innovation in RF technology

Who we are

Our people are industry experts, they are enthusiastic, confident communicators, who are proactive, love to collaborate, solve problems and step up to a challenge.

We add value by:

  • Helping our customers get to market quicker – increasing their sales revenues and market share.
  • Push the boundaries of cost per Gbps.
  • Taking unique challenges & providing a customised solution that lowers development & NRE costs and minimising the cost of quality.
  • Working on the difficult, engineer to engineer, we solve problems delivering value for money through better whole life costs.
  • Knowing our clients, through RF we identify ways to improve their products, increasing their premium & providing them with a competitive advantage.