High performance, customised solutions

Filtronic are technology leaders, with award winning product and service solutions from 300MHz to 175GHz. We design and manufacture high-performance components and sub-systems across the RF, Microwave and mmWave spectrum. Our clients depend on us to deliver high-performance RF solutions solving their challenging requirements. We accelerate their market entry, reduce whole-life & development costs, minimise cost of quality and provide them with a competitive advantage.

A range of RF, Microwave and mmWave products for challenging applications

Creating long term value for our clients

Filtronic deliver high performance and quality consistently to our global clients in four key areas:

  1. Helping them get to market quicker – this increases their sales revenues and market share.
  2. Delivering value for money across the whole life of a product.
  3. Developing customised solutions to solve unique problems.
  4. Through performance, quality, SWAP we create sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

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Transmit & receive

With experience and an innovative culture, we enable creative solutions for highly complex RF challenges. Our products are integral to a range of challenging applications including mobile telecommunications infrastructure, defence and aerospace, and emergency first-responder communications.

Our award winning technologies include transceivers, TRM modules and front-end modules.

Passive & active RF solutions

Filtronic has a long history in the design and manufacture of leading-edge coverage enhancement products for the wireless industry. We are a key supplier of advanced high performance RF communications products to the telecommunications infrastructure and critical communications markets.

Our products are used in wireless communication equipment, point-to-point communication systems and adjacent aerospace and defence sectors. Filtronic design and manufacture class leading filters, combiners, power amplification and monitoring devices.

Filtronic specialise in a range of filters including; Band Pass; Band Stop; Low Pass and High Pass. We also have extensive experience of diplexers, multiplexers, switched filter banks and tunable filters.

Integrated subsystems

Filtronic develops and integrates RF solutions for mission-critical environments. We partner with clients by offering design, manufacture and test of high-performance RF devices & sub-systems. Specialties include developing, power-amplifiers, transceivers, MCPs, SIPs, MMICs and filters operating from DC to over 114 GHz.

Filtronic are experts in RF system integration from 300MHz up to 175GHz for a range of challenging applications.

Where we lead


E band represents the frequency range from 60 GHz to 90 GHz. Demand for E-band mmWave radio links is growing rapidly, as they can provide high capacity and low latency XHaul for the latest 5G networks that are being rolled out globally. Filtronic’s device-agnostic Microwave and mmWave transceivers, offer high-performance, are competitively priced and significantly reduce client time to market. Our ultra-high-capacity E-band (71-76 and 81-86 GHz) mmWave transceivers are designed to deliver cost-effective, carrier-class multi-gigabit connectivity for mobile backhaul networks.


Filtronic is a high performance expert with a track record of delivering transceiver solutions that lower the overall cost per Gbps. We are the partner of choice for leading OEMs and mobile network operators looking for bespoke, microwave and mmWave components and subsystems for XHaul applications.

Solid-state power amplifiers

Solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs) convert a low-power radio frequency signal to a higher power one. Filtronic’s range of power amplifiers provide market leading linear mmW power. Cerus is a series of E-Band (71 to 76 GHz) power amplifiers for point-to-point applications. They are ideal for military or commercial applications with excellent SWAP (low size, weight and high power) perfect for airborne & non-terrestrial applications.

Microwave Filters | Filtronic PLC


We have extensive expertise in developing microwave and mmWave filters for telecoms applications. Our products include metal cavity filters, ceramic, combline, interdigital, lumped element, suspended substrate, waveguide and thin-film filters. We are experts in filter technology, offering rapid prototyping and reduced development cycles.

Company overview

Our processes

Looking to the future

Telecoms – making space for data

To manage forecasted data traffic, millimetre wave (mmWave) bands at the higher end of the frequency spectrum will need to be licensed for use by telecoms. The semiconductor processes and RF technologies required for W-band (92-115GHz) are well advanced – and will be ready by the time licences are granted. Work is underway to solve the fundamental challenges associated with D-band (138-174GHz), which offers much higher data rates, but requires significant changes to device architecture and manufacture.

Trackside to train – data on the move

The quest to provide reliable Wi-Fi on trains continues, and the UK has set targets for on-train data speeds. Creating high-data wireless environments on vehicles travelling at high speed poses significant technology challenges. Filtronic has developed a number of demonstration transceivers, which are now being trialled worldwide. These are successfully delivering E-band links to trains and could be commercially available in the next few years.

Critical communications

High frequency trading: gaining competitive advantage

High-performance private wireless networks are starting to be used to improve the competitiveness of high-frequency trading. Wireless point-to-point radio links can transmit signals milliseconds faster than fibre-optic cables. In such high-frequency trading where decisions are made by machine learning, the ability to make decisions a fraction of a second faster than the competition delivers a real competitive advantage.

Why Filtronic?

Filtronic has been at the forefront of RF communications for over 40 years.

Our product range and wider technology capabilities are supported by our IP and in-house knowledge, and we have an extensive patent portfolio. Our vision is to innovate and push the boundaries of what Is possible with RF, Microwave and mmWave communication, delivering transformative wireless solutions through design and manufacture leadership, connecting everyone everywhere.

  • We are technology leaders in what we do, recent achievements include:
  • Market leader in E-band mmWave transceivers.
  • Leading transceiver technology partner to the growing HAPS industry.
  • Developed best in class tower top amplifier product.
  • Extending our portfolio of aerospace and defence primes as clients.
  • Pushing the boundaries of trackside to train communication (>10Gbps).
Accelerating Speed To market

Accelerating speed to market

Accelerating Speed To market

Reducing whole life costs

Accelerating Speed To market


Accelerating Speed To market

Competitive advantage through higher performance

Where we operate

Aerospace & defence

Aerospace & Defence

Our products are at the cutting edge of radar and electronic warfare technology.

Critical communications

Critical Communications

We facilitate reliable, accurate voice and data communications for emergency responders.

Telecommunications Infrastructure

Telecommunications Infrastructure

We enable the transfer of big data back into the core network, essential for 5G networks.



We provide high-performance transceiver modules, enabling ground to space and inter space data transmission.

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