Specialists in mmWave technology solutions for XHaul

Fully automated hybrid manufacturing.

Filtronic provide cost effective, high quality hybrid assembly and manufacturing services to a range of sectors including telecommunications infrastructure. We are specialists in maximising performance, system integration, value engineering and thermal management.

We have the capacity, experience and the expertise to design and manufacture high performance RF products at Microwave and mmWave. We are equally comfortable manufacturing to a customer’s design, as we are designing and manufacturing our own high-performance products. Alternatively, we love working with our clients, fusing their core competencies with ours to optimise their original design.

Epoxy dispense

At Sedgefield, we complement our manufacturing process with a range of fully automated epoxy dispensers. Featuring single or dual dispensing head for optimal convenience and speed, these machines provide a highly adaptable solution that connects perfectly to our die attach. Their X-Y-Z motion system is capable of accurate dispensing to 15 microns with reliable precision of 3 sigma.

Die attach

We also have a range of Die attach machines that provide incredible precision of up to +/-10 microns at 3 sigma. We have dedicated one machine for R&D purposes to help increase efficiency, and our machines can work with a variety of packaging, from Gel packs and waffles packs to Reels and wafers. Additionally, we have two production lines for high-mix product assembly with die sizes from 0.17mm to 50mm, making the rapid assembly of multi-chip modules possible.

Automatic bonding

Our state-of-the-art auto-bonding machines guarantees an impressive degree of reliability and efficiency. With a bond placement accuracy of +/- 2 microns at 3 sigma, it is suitable to bond 15 micron wire, up to 50 micron wire. This gives us the capability to bond onto pads as small as 31microns.

Manufacturing process

Die attach


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