A track record of innovation and technology leadership


Founded by Professor David Rhodes (Leeds University), using equipment based in his garage and bedroom, the original plan was to work on components for the Tornado Aircraft. The company quickly gained a reputation for innovation, quality and technical knowledge.

Early on, Professor Rhodes knew that it was better not just to write filter design software but also to manufacture it. Taking on their first employees in 1979, the company’s operations were purely in electronic warfare until 1989. During this time, the company grew quickly, often via a range of acquisitions and new international markets such as the United States. In 1989 Filtronic Components received a Queens award for technology.

In October 1994, having demerged from the original Filtronic, Filtronic Comtek plc was listed on the London Stock Exchange. The business was subsequently renamed Filtronic plc following the acquisition in March 1998 of Filtronic Components Limited and Filtronic Cable Communications Limited.

The early 2000’s saw a period of rapid growth and development through acquisition. From 2010 onwards Filtronic have been investing heavily in NPD, strengthening our own product portfolio as well as working with leading clients to design and manufacture products customised for them. Our own range of new product launches has included in 2012 Proteus, our first in-house standard power E Band transceiver. In 2014 this was superseded by Theseus, and 2016 by Orpheus which offered better integration and significant cost reduction. Today, we are an award winning designer and manufacturer of high performance bespoke RF, Microwave and mmWave solutions, with class leading products that include Cerus and Morpheus II.