Custom combiners


Customised combiners for complex RF applications

Custom combiners
Triplexer | Filtronic PLC
Ceramic inband combiner | Filtronic PLC
Dual inband combiner | Filtronic PLC

Using highly skilled and experienced engineers with an innovative approach, we offer bespoke design for all our product range including filters, combiners, and amplifiers.

A custom combiner acts as a transmission component, combining the power between two or more ports. Filtronic offers a range of custom combiner products for both in-band and cross-band applications. Our expertise lies in highly complex applications, such as combiners with a very small guard band, minimising loss of usable spectrum. This is critical as we move towards 5G and dynamic TDD (Time Division Duplex), using the same frequency to transmit and receive.

Custom combiners key facts

  • Maximise base station investment
  • Delivering highest-in-class performance
  • Combiners for telecoms and critical communications

Custom combiners features

  • Patented designs and proven track records
  • Very narrow guard band, low insertion loss and high isolation to minimise the total effect on the combined signals and to preserve valuable spectrum.
  • Range of standard and custom in-band combiners for different frequency bands and for multiple technologies

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    Product description

    Filtronic offers a range of custom combiner products for both in-band and cross-band applications. We work closely with the OEMs and the operators to offer a solution which enables them to make best use of their base station investment.  Our aim is to offer the products with highest-in-class performance while keeping the cost and weight down by using our experience and best practice processes. The increasing need to optimise the space of every antenna mast, leads to multiple Tx/Rx RF channels needing to be combined, and filtered. Our products are applied across a range of radio applications including P25. 

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