With experience and an innovative culture, we enable creative solutions for highly complex RF challenges


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With experience and an innovative culture, we enable creative solutions for highly complex RF challenges. Our products are integral to a range of challenging applications including telecommunications infrastructure, aerospace and defence, and emergency first-responder critical communications. Our bespoke product range includes transmit and receive modules, power-amplifiers, transceivers, MCPs, SIPs and filters, operating up to 114GHz.

Why invest?

Filtronic has been at the forefront of RF communications for >40 years. Our product range and wider technology capabilities are supported by our IP and in-house knowledge, and we have an extensive patent portfolio. Our vision is to innovate and push the boundaries of what Is possible with RF, Microwave and mmWave communication, delivering transformative wireless solutions through design and manufacture leadership, connecting everyone everywhere.

We are technology leaders in what we do, recent achievements include:

  • Market leader in E-band mmWave transceivers.
  • Leading transceiver technology partner to the growing HAPS industry.
  • Developed best in class tower top amplifier product.
  • Extending our portfolio of aerospace and defence primes as clients.
  • Pushing the boundaries of trackside to train communication (>10Gbps)

Where we operate

Telecommunications infrastructure

We enable the transfer of big data back into the core network, essential for 5G networks.

Aerospace & Defence

Our products are at the cutting edge of radar and electronic warfare technology.

Critical Communications

We facilitate reliable, accurate voice and data communications for emergency responders.


We provide high-performance transceiver modules, enabling ground to space and inter space data transmission.

Technology leaders

Radio frequency experts, partnering with our blue-chip global clients, solving their complex RF, Microwave and mmWave problems.

Our people are industry experts in their field, enthusiastic, confident communicators who are proactive and love to collaborate, solve problems and step up to a challenge. We have a track record of providing high-performance, customised solutions within critical communication sectors for more than 40 years.

Designing and manufacturing our own high-performance components and sub-systems across the RF, Microwave and mmWave spectrum. We also provide design, manufacturing and testing as services for our clients, using our cutting-edge technologies and facilities.

2021 Annual report

Our objective is to grow profitably by being a trusted supplier to our customers of technically advanced products that deliver value to our clients. We focus on markets where we have a deep understanding of the sector and customer requirements and where we can leverage our know-how and IP portfolio.

Our strategy to achieve this objective is:

  • To nurture close working relationships with our customers to understand their needs and requirements.
  • To develop class leading products in our core technology areas of mmWave transceivers, filters, tower top amplifiers and antennas.
  • To develop sub-systems and solutions that meet customer specific and general market requirements.
  • To expand our customer base within the markets we serve.
  • To widen the number of markets we serve.

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