High frequency mmWave solutions for use in automatic test equipment

Test & measurement

Leading test and measurement companies globally value Filtronics expertise in mmWave test. We have worked on a range of test and measurement devices across the spectrum, enabling our clients to test with rigour their own products. We have a range of expertise, but our core competency is for test equipment 20 – 90GHz.

Our aim is to be agile and responsive to customer needs, we are experts in Microwave and mmWave technologies, which puts us in a unique position when designing and manufacturing solutions for use in automatic test equipment.

We enjoy working with our existing and future clients collaboratively to solve problems, for example at D Band we recently collaborated with the UK’s National Physical Laboratory. (“NPL”) in a research programme funded by Innovate UK to study ultra-high frequency interconnects and calibration methods. During the project, transitions between mmWave integrated circuits (MMIC) and various external circuits were designed, fabricated, and demonstrated in D-band (130GHz–175GHz). Calibration and measurement techniques were developed in collaboration with NPL.

We are long-term partners for our clients. We understand their challenges and are enthusiastic about solving test and measurement challenges. We understand that with higher frequencies the challenge to measure and test accurately increases and we have a track record of success when it comes to testing and measurement at both Microwave and mmWave.

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