Advanced RF communications equipment for wireless networks

mmWave over the air test systems

Radio frequency testing and 5G wireless network measurement

Filtronic has a rich history of designing, manufacturing and testing RF, microwave and mmWave components and subsystems for telecommunications, specifically 5G. We work with some of the world’s leading providers of test solutions of wireless devices across the spectrum. Enabling our clients to develop high performance, wide-band RF test and measurement systems, our core competency is for test equipment spanning frequencies from  20 – 90GHz.

The partner of choice for leading OEMs

We value agility and are responsive to our customer needs as well as being their long-term partners. We understand their challenges and are enthusiastic about solving test and measurement challenges. With higher frequencies, the challenge of measuring accurately increases and we have a track record of success when it comes to testing and measurement at both Microwave and mmWave.

Wireless testing

As a leading test and measurement equipment provider for 5G and emerging technologies such as 6G and Quantum. Our products are innovative and high quality, giving our clients the -assurance that our fully integrated sub-systems can be inserted seamlessly into their over the air wireless testing systems.

Technology for telecommunications innovation

A proven track record of mmWave testing.

Designing, manufacturing and testing customised, high-performance, test equipment that enables repeatable precision at high frequencies differentiates Filtronic. This is why we are the partner of choice for test equipment OEMs when they are looking for mmWave RF front-end modules, switched filter banks, frequency converters and power amplifiers at Q/V, E and W-bands.

Front end modules

RF Front end performance plays a vital role in any RF product. Filtronic’s front end modules (FEM’s) for the test and measurement environment integrate complex multi-channel front-end switching and up/down conversion over a wide frequency range up to and including mmWave. Front end modules are available in various configurations based on the application specific requirements. Filtronic develop FEM’s for a range of frequencies from 20-114GHz, suitable for RF component testers and over-the-air test systems.


E-Band Test & Measurement

E-Band (71-86GHz) widely used for RF/Microwave backhaul links is currently the best commercially available frequency band offering sufficient bandwidth available for dense 5G networks. Filtronic is a specialist in the design and manufacture of high-performance E-band subsystems for both traditional telecoms and critical communications networks. Our advanced transceiver technology has been developed over the past decade to provide the quality, performance and reliability required for 5G backhaul applications. Our transceiver technology along with our Front End Modules can be customised for use in E-Band test & measurement applications.

Switched Filter Banks

Switched Filter Banks (SFB’s) consist of a combination of switches and filters integrated into a single compact module. Filtronic have extensive experience designing and manufacturing switched filter banks for RF test applications employed in RF component and wireless terminal test and measurement systems. Our designs are optimised to minimise switching times with very low power consumption. Our SFB’s are perfect for a range of microwave to mmWave frequencies

D-Band – The next frontier for mobile backhaul

D-Band (130 – 175GHz)  We enjoy working with clients collaboratively to solve problems, for example, at D Band we recently collaborated with the UK’s National Physics Laboratory (“NPL”) in a research programme, funded by Innovate UK, to study ultra-high frequency interconnects and calibration methods. During the project, transitions between mmWave integrated circuits (MMIC) and various external circuits were designed, fabricated, and demonstrated in D-band (130GHz–175GHz). Calibration and measurement techniques were developed in collaboration with NPL. Read more about our collaboration with NPL on next-generation mmWave technology projects and new methods of on-wafer calibration and measurement here.

Microwave and mmWave products for test and measurement

Morpheus II

Morpheus II E-Band transceiver modules provide a turn-key solution for carrier grade mobile XHaul applications. Each module contains all the transmit and receive functions necessary for the RF section of an E-Band link and provides a simple connection to a high data rate full duplex modem. The integrated diplexer...


Filtronic’s range of power amplifiers provide market leading linear mmW power. Available in single to N-way configurations, the Cerus power amplifiers deliver unparalleled performance for long range E-Band communications. Cerus  power amplifiers are available as 32, 8, 4 & 1 way E-Band modules. Containing GaAs MMICs performance matched and...


10Gbps capable, ideal for use in high-speed mobile backhaul networks for services such as LTE-Advanced and 5G. Easy Entry to E-band Market for OEMs Orpheus modules are designed for easy incorporation into ODUs for rapid time to market with minimal customer engineering resource. Low technical risk, with >50,000 Filtronic mmWave...


Filtronic’s range of Hades Active Diplexers enable original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) to reduce the cost of their E-band radios whilst significantly increasing RF performance. Our Active Diplexers incorporate a configurable range of GaAs PAs & LNAs within an E-Band diplexer, maximising performance whilst reducing size and weight. Active diplexers...

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