High volume manufacture, with accelerated ramp

A European OEM entering the E-Band market designed a standard E-Band chipset for their transceiver and then looked for a high-volume manufacturer with automated production, coupled with E-Band test facilities that could rapidly bring their product to market. This was a complex development and our customer leveraged our mmWave expertise and our E-Band capabilities to improve the design and deliver >2k modules to an accelerated delivery schedule.


The solution

  • Rapidly introduced product into volume production, utilising our hybrid manufacturing expertise.
  • This module was ramped from initial samples to full volume within 3 months.

The result

Filtronic delivered
modules to an accelerated delivery schedule
  • The product contained a mix of SiGe and GaAs devices specified by the client.
  • Delivered over 2,000 modules to an accelerated delivery schedule.

The challenge

  • Taking another companies E-Band chipset into their transceiver and enabling high volume manufacture.

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