Agile, flexible and rapid NPD

We maintained our customers’ market position by working agilely, even when their supply chain was severely disrupted. Value engineering component choices, such as surface-mounted coaxial connectors, helped Filtronic deliver an E-Band transceiver solution on time and at a lower cost. In addition, we implemented improved design approaches, including circuit optimisation, to mitigate chipset variability.  


The solution

  • Rapidly designed to meet existing physical footprint and interface requirements.
  • Applied our client’s own E-band chip set.
  • Design to launch was approx. 6 months.
  • Product was launched straight into production with high yield.

The result

Design to launch
  • High yield minimised impact, reduced their costs to transfer.
  • Imposed much needed quality controls into the client’s supply chain.
  • Mitigated raw material variation risks (vastly reducing the cost of quality) and quickly ramped the product, minimising supply impact to our client’s end customers.

The challenge

  • A USA E-band radio specialist specialising in enterprise markets such as private/campus networks and high frequency trading.
  • Their existing supply chain was disrupted when their prime supplier went out of business.

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