Spectrum farming impacts local television

Time was critical in this instance, as it addressed an issue that could be imminent and if it did become an issue the disruption would have been significant and far-reaching. There was a real concern that LTE could interfere with terrestrial TV. To mitigate the risk, Filtronic developed a customised digital tv filter rapidly that could be installed locally by the user. The production ramp on this was from zero to >30k units per week in less than 4 weeks. Due to the experience of our engineering team, we were able to meet a design window of a couple of months for all variants (6 products in total).


The solution

  • Product developed to be able to be sent via standard post and installed locally by the user.
  • Product ramped up within 3-4 weeks from nothing to >30k units per week.

The result

  • Developed low loss product
  • Filtronic were the only company to meet all the product specs (indoor, outdoor and communal).
  • Manufactured >1.8m in < year.
Filtronic manufactured…
units in under 12 months

The challenge

  • LTE could potentially interfere with terrestrial tv band.
  • To mitigate the perceived risk the filter could be rapidly deployed country wide.

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