Microwave communication

Filtronic develops microwave communication solutions for mission-critical environments. We partner with clients by offering design, manufacture, and test of high-performance microwave devices and sub-systems. We also have a range of solutions at RF and mmWave. Specialties include developing, power-amplifiers, transceivers, System in Packages (SIPs), MMICs and filters operating from DC to over 114GHz.

Our specialist knowhow of microwave design and manufacturing processes allows us to rapidly develop products to the most demanding customer specifications. Our in-house core capabilities in chip, wire, and module assembly, combined with our close relationship with our industry leading supply chain enable us to quickly ramp and scale to volume.


Microwave communication pioneers

With experience and an innovative culture we enable creative solutions for highly complex microwave challenges. Our products are integral to a range of challenging applications including mobile backhaul, radar, HAPs, satellite communications, and emergency first-responder communications.

At microwave frequencies we offer a range of technology solutions including transmit and receive modules, power monitoring, front end modules, GaN & GaAs amplifiers, filters, combiners and multiplexers. 

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