Customised system-in-package (SiP) solutions

Filtronic has worked with multiple microwave and mmWave OEMs to design and manufacture customised SiP solutions. Through our design, we were able to lower the overall radio cost by providing our client with a solution that aligned with their manufacturing strategy of going all SMT. Our knowledge enabled our customers to minimise the cost of quality, achieving their key objective. This successful deployment has shipped at rates of up to 20k per month with extremely low product return rates and a final yield that was between 97 & 98%.


The solution

  • Filtronic undertook both design and contract manufacture of a large number of different SiP’s.
  • In-house test solutions developed with elastomeric interface material, appropriate for testing up to 114GHz.
  • Leveraging our in-house chip and wire capabilities, working out how to automate the production in jigs and batches to improve cost effectiveness.
  • Developing in-house test solution that could cope with testing of up to 20k per month, needed to be an efficient test process.

The result

units to multiple partners
  • High volume manufacturing & test solution.
  • In total Filtronic have shipped 700k units to multiple partners.  
  • Direct shipment to our Client’s offshore SMT partner.
  • Shipping at rates of up to 20k per month
  • Extremely low product return rate

The challenge

  • Implement a cost effective, precision assembly within standard and customised surface mount technology (SMT)  packages. 
  • Reduce cost and improve yield of radio manufacture
  • High precision hybrid assembly inside QFN air cavity packages.
  • 100% testing without any yield loss and extremely low attrition.

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