Configurable notch filter – reducing OPEX

Our solution supported the nationwide rebanding of the 800MHz spectrum to facilitate the removal of analogue TV bands and the rollout of digital TV. This was a unique challenge that required a customised solution and could have only been delivered by a manufacturer with a rich history within the 700MHz and 800MHz bands. Our customer wanted a rapid solution for a remotely configurable filter This was successfully delivered representing OPEX saving of $,000’s per site, multiplied across 17,000 sites across the network, delivering total savings of >$10m.


The solution

  • Experience and track record within 700MHz and 800MHz enabled rapid development of a remotely configurable filter.
  • Cost was significant driver, so was integral to the design considerations.
  • The filter utilised built-in motors which adjusted tuning through the AISG port.
  • Advantages for client was they did not have to send engineer to site

The result

  • Reduced hardware costs and installation efficiency.
  • The site construction teams could enable/disable the notch functionality remotely.
  • Delivered OPEX savings of $,000’s per site, multiplied across 17,000 sites in the network delivered savings > $10m.
Applied across
OPEX savings across the site portfolio

The challenge

  • Tier 1 OEM of wireless network infrastructure.
  • Their client, a major US Mobile Network Operator
  • High power, PIM critical (careful design considerations given)
  • Creating high power within a compact envelope.
  • Support a nationwide rebanding of the 800 MHz spectrum.

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