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Filtronic's success stories

For over 45 years, Filtronic has been at the forefront of RF technology. We design, manufacture, and test high-performance RF components and subsystems for mission-critical applications. Through our experience in RF, microwave, and mmWave engineering, we are able to accelerate market entry and reduce whole life costs. We enable global technology leaders to stand out with high-performance, custom RF components. 

Proactively solving field issues, mitigating OPEX costs

Cellular antennas were failing due to a signal issue caused by passive intermodulation (PIM). Our engineering team developed a novel solution, working with a leading F1 team to simulate...

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V-Band transceiver – Improving yield & reducing costs

Our customer had a design, that was proving challenging for transferring to volume manufacture. Filtronic implemented some design improvements that reduced cost and improved quality.

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Customised system-in-package (SiP) solutions

Designing and manufacturing customised SiP solutions. Through our design, we significantly lowered the overall radio cost.

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High volume manufacture, with accelerated ramp

A European OEM looked for a high-volume manufacturer with automated production, coupled with E-Band test facilities that could rapidly bring their product to market.

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Spectrum farming impacts local television

There was a real concern that LTE could interfere with terrestrial TV. To mitigate the risk, Filtronic developed a customised digital tv filter rapidly that could be installed locally...

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Agile, flexible and rapid NPD

In an extremely time-constrained environment, Filtronic applied a rapid and agile product development cycle.

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Filtronic ushers in new leadership era with CEO Nat Edington

15 May 2024

King’s Award for Innovation 2024

7 May 2024

Filtronic launches into the future, securing a Strategic Partnership with SpaceX for Starlink constellation

24 April 2024

Navigating exciting horizons: Nat Edington assumes CEO role at Filtronic

2 April 2024