Retrofittable and stealth RF filters

Street furniture is an everyday part of our lives but adding additional elements can be contentious. Filtronic developed a retrofittable cross-band combiner for existing locations with no additional visual pollution. The challenge was space within the existing cabinets and due to planning restrictions, no additional cabinets were allowed. With 12 feeder cables already in each pole and a pole that was shared with another mobile network operator that could not be cut, Filtronic developed a modular ring-mounted system that could be deployed fast with only minor site customisation.


The solution

  • Developed a modular “ring” mount system, that could be installed via the services hatches in the pole.
  • Maintained physical integrity while delivering RF requirements.
  • Concealed telecom filters internal to utility pole.
  • Retrofit into existing locations with minor modifications.
  • Designed a mounting ring that could be split into two.

The result

  • Fast site deployment, as only minor tweaks were required to enable mass rollout.
  • Improved and streamlined the installation process.
  • No visual pollution, keeping the street furniture intact and reduced ongoing costs as retrofittable.

The challenge

  • Major 3rd party site operator, the pole was shared with another MNO.
  • Discrete radio head combining within an 11” dia. pole.
  • Improve system operation and site aesthetics.
  • Ability to field modify was critical.

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