V-Band transceiver – Improving yield & reducing costs

Our customer had a design, that was proving challenging for transferring to volume manufacture. Filtronic implemented some design improvements that reduced cost and improved quality. This customised solution allowed our customer to quickly ramp up production and deliver high yields.


The solution

  • Design for manufacture review, optimising transition design between chip set and waveguide port.
  • Applying our hybrid manufacturing experience we quickly isolated the issues and redesigned.

The result

Ramped production
Delivery of
units in reduced timeframe
  • Quickly ramped production, achieving >95% yield, with approx. 7K units delivered within small timeframe.
  • High value item – Improvement in yield, made significant reduction to our customers cost base.

The challenge

  • Our clients product as production ramped up, suffered from a less than satisfactory yield < 70%.
  • The ongoing costs of this poor performance were significant in terms of material cost and waste.

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