Breakthrough E-Band amplifier redefines wireless SatCom ground station communications.

18 July 2023

Filtronic, a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced radio frequency (RF), microwave, and mmWave solutions, has announced the launch of its latest cutting-edge E-band amplifier, Taurus. Taurus represents a significant leap forward in wireless communication technology, offering unparalleled performance and versatility to meet the growing demands of the digital age.

Taurus is designed to address the complex challenges faced by today’s terrestrial and non-terrestrial wireless networks, providing a reliable and efficient solution that enables seamless connectivity across diverse environments. The high-power E-band amplifier delivers unparalleled long-range performance and is suitable for commercial and military applications.

The Taurus amplifier boasts double the available output power than its predecessors — efficiently combining the power of two Cerus 8 E-Band amplifier modules, each containing eight GaAs pHEMT PA MMICs, which are performance matched, with  their power efficiently combined in waveguide to deliver maximum output.

Taurus has a typical PSAT of 39dBm, and its high linearity supports 512QAM modulation. With a full 5GHz bandwidth, the E-band amplifier offers exceptional coverage and is designed to adapt to evolving network requirements. Its modular architecture and future-proof design, make it a sound investment for long-term network infrastructure planning.

“Taurus is the result of Filtronic’s commitment to innovation and excellence,” said Dan Rhodes, Director of Business Development at Filtronic. “We have dedicated substantial resources and expertise to develop a product that addresses the increasing demands of today’s digital landscape. This ground-breaking product will revolutionise wireless networks, delivering unmatched performance and connectivity. With its advanced features and performance, Taurus can help to unlock the full potential of next-generation wireless networks.”

Filtronic, a leading authority in RF, microwave, and mmWave technology, boasts an impressive 45-year track record. As an industry pioneer, the company has solidified its position by consistently delivering exceptional quality and pushing the boundaries of innovation. The unveiling of this revolutionary product serves as a testament to Filtronic’s unwavering commitment to driving progress in the field.

To learn more about Taurus and explore the company’s comprehensive range of RF, microwave, and mmWave solutions, please visit the Filtronic website.

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