Transceiver for high-speed trackside to train

Our customer took a standard Orpheus transceiver and applied it in a new and novel way to deliver performance unheard of in trackside to train. Filtronic is helping to change the market expectations as previous mmWave solutions are limited to <2Gbps. From a capital cost perspective, base station spacing at approx. 2km as opposed to hundreds of metres at low frequencies. This is only at the trial stage, but the results are providing our client with a significant competitive advantage. 


The solution

  • Utilise our high-performance, mmWave transceiver module.
  • Used as key components in highly successful trials of mobile vehicles at multi-gigabit connectivity.

The result

  • Successful trials in UK, Europe and Far East, providing a reliable connection at data rates up to 11.3Gbps.
  • Provided our customer with a significant competitive advantage

The challenge

  • Rail communication and the provision of high-speed, high-capacity, high-reliability internet connections on rail journeys has become a strategic objective of both governments and rail operators around the world.
  • To change market perception of mmWave as a viable solution in trackside to train.

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