RF testing

Filtronic has a proven track record for developing custom volume test solutions for products ranging from packaged chip to complex RF and millimetre-wave assemblies and systems, operating at frequencies between 4GHz and 114GHz.

Our range of robust testing includes:

  • Module calibration
  • Electrical testing DC to 114GHz
  • Thermal HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) and life testing
  • Destructive and non-destructive tests, including wire pull, ball bond shear and die shear
  • Pre-lid tests for packaged systems
  • Helium leakage tests
  • Gross and fine leak tests
  • Die level MMIC wafer acceptance testing and characterisation

We are experts in design, manufacture and testing of high-performance RF components for a range of market sectors including telecommunications infrastructure, aerospace and defence, and critical communications.

World leading process control for full traceability

Our robust proprietary manufacturing and process control system ensures real-time organization wide access to material traceability, inventory management, WIP tracking, SPC, yield reporting and on-time delivery.

All components are tracked via a unique serial number ID providing full end-to-end process control. Each operator is uniquely identified, ensuring complete user monitoring, and enabling role-based authorisation to allow only trained operators to run specific workflow sequences.

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