RF technology leader adds new service to portfolio

27 October 2023

Radio frequency, microwave and mmWave technology provider, Filtronic has invested in state-of-the-art plastic encapsulation equipment, which will allow the company to offer fully moulded plastic packaging for its high-performance RF components. Filtronic is one of just a handful of companies in the Europe that has the technology and knowledge to offer this service — and is unique in combining its RF knowledge with a vertically integrated offering.

Filtronic has been a leader in radio frequency, microwave and mmWave technology for >45 years, and the new plastic encapsulation investment is a testament to the company’s commitment to continuous improvement, quality, and innovation.

“Traditionally, plastic encapsulation of high reliability semiconductors has only been accessible to companies and sectors that operate with extremely high volumes, because of the costs of the tooling for just one product line,” explained Jerry Sanham, director of business development at Filtronic. “However, because of Filtronic’s unique approach, we can now provide a flexible and economically viable service to companies running product lines for anywhere between a few thousand and a few hundred thousand parts.”

The new plastic encapsulation service is a further addition to Filtronic’s expanding UK manufacturing capability and demonstrates its commitment to providing the aerospace and defence market with the technology required for next generation platforms. With this new assembly capability, Filtronic is ensuring that it can provide smaller package solutions with lower weight and reduce costs for customers wishing to avoid long supply chains and off shore manufacturing.

Filtronic’s new equipment has been partly funded by a grant from the County Durham Growth Fund. To find out more about how plastic encapsulation could impact your product design, visit the Filtronic website, or speak to a member of the team on 01740 618 800.

To find out more about Filtronic’s RF-to-mmWave solutions, visit the company’s website, or contact the team on +44 1740 618 800.

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