Automating wedge bonding for complex wire components

20 January 2023

RF and mmWave specialist, Filtronic has further enhanced its hybrid and semiconductor packaging capabilities by investing in a fully automated wedge bonder suitable for power semiconductors, automotive power modules, and industrial power hybrids. The state-of-the-art auto-wedge bonder improves capacity and adds volume process capabilities that will enable the company to explore new markets. This addition to Filtronic’s production line will allow the company to offer greater than 1um die bonding accuracy , improving production yields and delivering highly repeatable packaging solutions.

Bonding custom compound semiconductor die for high reliability and system critical applications requires precision and high levels of accuracy. Historically Filtronic has used automated die attach and ball bonding but relied on highly trained operators to perform specialist wedge bonding operations. This approach has delivered high quality products but constrained factory throughput and limited the applications served. The automated wedge bonder investment fully automates the front-end assembly at the Filtronic hybrid manufacturing facility in Sedgefield County Durham and delivers significantly faster bonding speed using a variety of wire diameter  from 0.5 mil – 3 mi It  will be highly complementary to the specialist manual processes required for legacy applications.

“The automated wedge bonder further improves Filtronic’s agility, allowing us to introduce new products quicker than ever before, without compromising on quality,” explained Marc Adamson, Continuous Improvement Manager at Filtronic. “Our team of experts have trained to become specialists in the artisan skill of manual wire bonding, in some cases over several years. The introduction of the automated wedge bonder frees them up to work on alternative use cases, improving Filtronic’s agility across the entire business.

“Filtronic is committed to investing in resources which allow us to consistently deliver volume production with pinpoint accuracy at high tolerances,” continued Adamson. “The introduction of this new piece of equipment is the next step in our long-term plan to continuously improve our service offering for customers.”

If you have an application that requires a high level of accuracy, high volume of product and a quick turnaround, get in touch with Filtronic to see how, with its automated wedge bonder, the team could help. 

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