Filtronic strengthens sales partner network

1 November 2023

Filtronic, an advanced designer and manufacturer of RF and mmWave solutions, announced today that it has signed a sales representation agreement with HyTech Associates, Inc. This agreement will grant early access to a range of leading technology companies based in Southern California, where HyTech is located and considered experts in mmWave technology.

HyTech has a remarkable history of representing manufacturers of RF and Microwave components for the past 40 years throughout the Southern California region. With an excellent sales team and effective leadership, Hytech has direct access to some of the world’s leading technology brands.

Their geographical coverage extends from San Luis Obispo to the Southern USA border, encompassing an area rich in technology leaders. They possess extensive experience and expertise in the industries we are targeting and share our values and vision for the future. HyTech maintains a strong focus on emerging technologies, and they are eager to explore how Filtronic’s products and capabilities can benefit their existing customer base.

“We are delighted to welcome HyTech and make them a key part of our extended sales team.” said Dan Rhodes, Business Development Director at Filtronic, “Their skill set is perfect for our type of products and capabilities and we are looking forward to working with them in building the sales pipeline.”

Phil Angelotti, of HyTech, expressed his enthusiasm about working with Filtronic. According to Phil, “Filtronic’s range of products and engineering capabilities are a perfect complement to HyTech’s existing customer channels. Filtronic’s brand is also well known among HyTech’s customer base, and the team at HyTech looks forward to representing them in Southern California.”

To find out more about Filtronic’s RF-to-mmWave solutions, visit the company’s website, or contact the team on +44 1740 618 800.

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