Unleashing unparalleled performance in E-Band communications.

9 August 2023

Filtronic, a leading provider of cutting-edge radio frequency (RF), microwave and mmWave products, has announced the launch of the HADES X2, the latest addition to its HADES active diplexers range. Designed to empower customers with cost-effective E-Band radio solutions without compromising on performance, the HADES X2 sets a new industry standard.

With a typical PSAT of 30dBm, HADES X2 sets a new benchmark in performance. The system incorporates dual high-power amplifiers, enabling market-leading linear Tx powers that ensure unparalleled long-range E-Band communications. Leveraging two Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) that are performance-matched and power combined in waveguide, HADES X2 achieves maximum power and linearity, providing superior signal quality.

Filtronic’s HADES active diplexers have been strategically designed to enable customers to optimise the cost of their E-Band radios while simultaneously enhancing performance. These active diplexers integrate a configurable range of GaAs power amplifiers (PAs) and low noise amplifiers (LNAs) within an E-Band diplexer, allowing for maximum performance in a compact and lightweight form factor. By using active diplexers in combination with a wide range of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) SMT compatible packaged GaAs or SiGe up and down converter solutions, HADES X2 enables customers to surpass the performance limitations of surface mount products.

One of the key features of the HADES X2 is its flexibility and compatibility with both “standard power” and “high-power” E-Band links. Additionally, the module incorporates a Tx RF power detector, enabling seamless Tx power calibration and Automatic Level Control (ALC). For added convenience, customers can opt for fully calibrated modules with integrated I2C EEPROM for storing Tx detector vs. frequency/power and Rx gain information, streamlining setup and deployment.

The HADES X2 also includes an integrated temperature sensor, providing users with accurate amplifier temperature data to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Additionally, the WR12 port locations and directions can be customised upon request, offering enhanced flexibility for various deployment scenarios.

“By incorporating GaAs and Indium phosphide (InP) amplifiers, along with power combining capabilities, we have achieved unparalleled performance and flexibility for our customers in the E-Band communications space,” said Andy Tucker, Engineering Director at Filtronic. “With its increased performance, advanced configurability and exceptional power capabilities, HADES X2 empowers our customers to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, range and reliability in their communication systems.”

The HADES X2 is now available to order. For more information about Filtronic and its innovative product portfolio, visit the Filtronic website.

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